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  1. BlueSoho

    Forum EP01 - VA [TF Recordings]

    congrats guys :)
  2. BlueSoho

    Onova - Sorrows Harbor [Ncore Records]

    Avernus...... missed him so much man :cry:
  3. BlueSoho

    Forum EP01 - VA [TF Recordings]

    Yes, we would pay for it too.
  4. BlueSoho

    Tarkan - Pare Pare (Tiësto Mix) [2008]

    It made a lot of buzz in Turkey when it was released. The most famous DJ in the world meets the biggest pop star in Turkey.
  5. BlueSoho

    Narel - Nomad [Blue Soho]

    We did our best for Narel on our agreement, and it is not like we are releasing the tune for the first time after three years of waiting. It was already out via Ahmed Romel's 10th year mix; we just wanted to release an extended mix since some people want to have it on their PC / DJ set etc...
  6. BlueSoho

    Narel - Nomad [Blue Soho]

    just a feature at this point
  7. BlueSoho

    Narel - Nomad [Blue Soho]

    3 years of delay, some things just do not change😐
  8. BlueSoho

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Here is the full remix WAV mate :)
  9. BlueSoho

    Spray - OT Rails [Spray]

    He is remixing one of our future Oathcreations releases, huge talent!
  10. BlueSoho

    OUT Chicane - Saltwater (Young Marco Remix) [Armada]

    his Safe Trip label is great nevertheless :)
  11. BlueSoho

    OUT Hoyaa & Kiran M Sajeev - Tributary [Blue Soho]

    ty guys :) @Snowknight26 believe it or not, Kandi submitted Balance track as it's already extended mix :) probably wont do another mix of this song
  12. BlueSoho

    VA - A State of Trance 2023 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren) [Armada]

    one of our favorites :) both tracks were stellar.
  13. BlueSoho

    Interview: DIM3NSION

    nostalgia hit hard with the our old video template :( was a good read too! very talented producer!
  14. BlueSoho

    OUT MiG-29 - Digital Dreamscapes [1Ø PILLS MATE]

    great EP, a great label too. one of the "buy on sight" for me.
  15. BlueSoho

    Mobil - Levitation [Blue Soho]

    This is going to be the slowest year of our label, most likely. Working on my vinyl labels Oath / LYAM / Benthic, which is way more fun compared to the "trance" scene. I would shut down the Soho and bury it in the ground, but there is no reason to do so. How many decent tunes do the trance...
  16. BlueSoho

    Best non-trance albums of 2022?

    Thank you :) having Tranceheads' support behind our new projects and hearing your nice words encourage us more :)
  17. BlueSoho

    Best non-trance albums of 2022?

    Blue Soho is the label i started at the age of 18; now I'm 31, and Oath kicked off two years ago :) They are not related to each other and are completely different projects.
  18. BlueSoho

    Best House/Prog/Tech/Deep of 2022

    that's right :)