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  1. Hensmon

    Football Thread

    This is a good thing I think, and VAR is kind of in conflict with the secret rules, because it puts a microscope on something that feels impossible to measure. If the rules were applied objectively and consistently then the amount of penalties given in a game would increase dramatically and it...
  2. Hensmon

    Breakbeats, Big Beat, IDM, Garage, Post-Breaks, 2-Step etc

    Got sent this by old forum member Nangle. Not bad. For some reason reminded me (from a past mix memory)of another tune I liked, an IDM one that I thought was Avery but is actually Adam Johnson Daniel Avery - Ultra Truth [2022] Adam Johnson - Anex [2003]
  3. Hensmon

    Signing in🔥

    Welcome mate
  4. Hensmon

    Hello :)

    Welcome. Already some of those tracks you shared in the psy thread helped me find some gems. Keep em coming and enjoy the forum
  5. Hensmon

    Football Thread

    What? Yellow card anywhere on the pitch, very reckless
  6. Hensmon

    Football Thread

    Coming home @Katadunkass
  7. Hensmon

    Serious / Sophisticated Psy-trance

    Those are all so good @nx1, especially that last one. Love these kind of progressive psy styles so much, another 'lost' genre.
  8. Hensmon

    Masada - Winter Rain [1995]

    Lovely track
  9. Hensmon

    Your Favorite Trance Tracks from 2024

    Well overdue to start this. Let's hear your best/favorite Trance tracks from 2024. Last year I remember the 2nd half of the year being much stronger, let's see if the same happens again. Here's two standouts for me so far Advanced Civilizations - Regener8 Fader Cap - Blue Pool
  10. Hensmon

    Byron Yeates - Time Machine [Radiant Love]

    Yep I agree with above more or less
  11. Hensmon

    Conservative or liberal (politics)

    I'm not sure why you are bringing up immigration, I didn't mention it once, either positive or negative. I have mixed feelings on the topic and opinions to share another time. I think you are misunderstanding my point still. I'm pushing back on the claim our two parties are the same. I see clear...
  12. Hensmon

    Conservative or liberal (politics)

    The overal point i'm making is that Labour and Tories being compared as almost equals is simply not true. You seem to agree with me that morally the Tories are worse, and also that they are more corrupt. Those are two huge things. They are more meaningful and consequential than any ideological...
  13. Hensmon

    Conservative or liberal (politics)

    @Jetflag and @Bobby Summa, I saw your posts in the other thread about UK politics and will move response here as more relevant, less spam. When it comes to Labour vs Tories @Jetflag you are making arguments from an idealogical and policy POV, but that's unfortunately not where the debate is at...
  14. Hensmon

    Help me complete Paul Miller discog (in Hi-Res format)?

    Only looking for flac/wav? I have the 320
  15. Hensmon

    Monophonik & Kohra - Jugalbandi EP [Space.lab]

    Always enjoyed this label and this one has been growing on me. Jugalbandi isn't a Trance track (breaks), but it's quite sick so i'm gonna put it first. I've also been enjoying Innayat too. Siolim Hues a bit more pounding and psychedelic. Jugalbandi Innayat Siolim Hues Rava Fry
  16. Hensmon

    CO.KO - Arecibo Message [39 Records]

    Yh that top has a solid foundation, but I was hoping for more.
  17. Hensmon

    The meaning of music and how it manifests through trance.

    Probably a fair descriptor for many tracks in the genre tbh. Just have to be susceptible and have the musical experience to be open to the deeper stuff, is how I see it.
  18. Hensmon

    The meaning of music and how it manifests through trance.

    Pattern solving is a big component to why music appeals to us and is enjoyable, but something tells me this isn't the only reason why music is as powerful as it is, and that there is definitely more to it. I solve patterns all the time in games but no Sudoku is going to impact me the way music...
  19. Hensmon

    Enigma State @ Luminosity Beach Festival 2024

    Link doesnt work for me, opens my email client
  20. Hensmon

    Eco - M(You)Sic (Artist Album) [2011]

    I had a good amount of time with this one when it came out, I like it for the most part but wouldn't say it stuck with me that much from a taste perspective. I do like how it feels like a true album, with enough variety but still keeping itself in trance/prog without having to go into other...