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  1. Bluemoon

    PQM - You Are Sleeping (PQM Meets Luke Chable Vocal Pass) [2003]

    Also like this version from James Holden Balance 005
  2. Bluemoon

    MurZo - Kiss The Night [FSOE]

    I think music is incredibly more subjective than most people want to admit. Atleast when i see discussions like these. There is tons of things to take into consideration. How old is the listener, is he a young person full of energy who still enjoys to party or does he mostly sit home relaxed...
  3. Bluemoon

    TranceFix Radio #13 - Fiesta de Trance - Mixed by Julian Del Agranda

    Julian Del Agranda - El Sueño sounds like a slighty more mature Dance Nation - Sunshine with stuttering synths. Dont mean the melody but the elements used are somewhat same. I like it.
  4. Bluemoon

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Cheese lol. Nostalgia from late 90s, reminds a bit of Dune ^^
  5. Bluemoon

    ID Requests - Post them here

    Nice. I kinda forgot about this song so thanks for reminding me hehe. Sounds a bit different but i guess thats how it is with Saiz, his sets are full of unfinished songs.
  6. Bluemoon

    Trance artists and war in Ukraine

    Lol thats 80 years ago. Thats like saying that its ok for my neighbour to steal my car because my grandpa stole a car in the 1940s , 45 years before i was born. Also its deep inside of world war 2. There was massacres en mass all over europe. Im not defending any massacres but your argument...
  7. Bluemoon

    Unknown foreign electronic tracks that could have made it big

    From Norway: Estima - Hitmans Paradise Pure N Jamie - Northern Spirit And maybe this one although a lot more cheesy:
  8. Bluemoon

    The Trancefix Best of 2022 - Let's hear your thoughts

    My favourite this year. Would be even better if it was more trancy and not so hard techno ish but oh well. Love the mid part.
  9. Bluemoon

    Fred Again Feat Romy - Strong [Young]

    I recently read his Wikipedia information. I think it has recently been updated with lots of information because of his album release. It appears hes not just some simple bedroom producer who just made it out of nowhere.
  10. Bluemoon

    Cheesy Trance Thread

  11. Bluemoon

    Documentary Thread

    ''Bedroom documentary'' but interesting story.
  12. Bluemoon

    Trance artists and war in Ukraine

    Its not whataboutism, im not trying to discredit anything at all. I even wrote in the beginning of my post that i absolutly dont respect the djs who go to russia. Im not trying to excuse any of them. Just trying to say this kind of behaviour is everywhere around us in normal daily life. We...
  13. Bluemoon

    Trance artists and war in Ukraine

    Had a Norwegian footballer recently who was under contract with a russian team when the war started, he was then released or his contract was terminated. Some weeks ago after over a year of not having a club he choose to go back to Russia. It was the best offer he had on the table he claimed. At...
  14. Bluemoon

    Michael Urgacz aka Beam passed away (R.I.P.)

    Sad to hear. Used to listen to this one alot in my younger days.