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    Sebastian Brandt & Daniel Kandi - ID [TBA]

    I asked Peter after his set if there's any chance this gets a release finally and he said Brandt wants to, but is currently not happy with the result and that he wants to change a couple of elements.
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    Ralphie B & Frank Waanders Present Collide1 - Reach Out [Subculture]

    Really like the melody! Somehow I have a feeling I heard it before though, unless this track was ID-ID for a long time in some sets ... :unsure:
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    Onova - Synchronicity [Borderline]

    Lovely lovely lovely track! Energetic lead, yet at the same time infused with some melancholic elements. Nice and flowing progression in the melody as well, something we see so many artists fail at nowadays
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    Will Atkinson feat. La La Fiesta - Seatbelt [Armada]

    Without all those stupid chicken-sounding noises, this would have been a relatively nice Drizzly throwback
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    Yahel - Spacedew [Sol Music]

    A follow-up to Devotion would fit perfectly on Borderline! As for this track. It's nice to still see Yahel not afraid to continue to experiment instead of sticking to the typical psy template. Love the tribal intro, drums, and spacey pads. Reminds people that psy is not necessarily about the...
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    Airwave - I’m Not Rank 1 [Airwave Music]

    Lead is absolutely inspired by "modern" Rank 1. You can't make a track with that title and not trying to poke a bit of fun of Piet and Benno. Surprisingly, I track I can get behind after years of soulless music from Laurent
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    Enigma State - Illuminate

    I'm not sure why people are complaining about the vocal chops, we need more tracks with them not less. Early 2000s had amazing tracks from Orkidea, Andy Moor, BT featuring chops and they all sounded original and fresh because you can do so many spins on chops. Lead might be a bit your...
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    Sebastian Brandt & Daniel Kandi - ID [TBA]

    I'm still torn as to which section I like best. Intro is pure Brandt filth - raw and gritty. Then Kandiman comes in and melts your heart away with one of the best piano pieces in years. We desperately need a release, it's sacrilege we can't hear this beauty in full!
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    Enigma State - The Moonman [TBA]

    Perfectly nailed the Moonman sound! This is a great homage, can't wait to listen to a clean sample.
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    Push - Transmitter Response [BONZAI CLASSICS]

    The kick drum is strong with this one. It's better than other techno tracks I heard from him, mostly due to its high tempo drive. Still, if I want to listen to driving techno I put on some Alex di Stefano or especially Amazeblaze, he's on fire!
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    Activa & Marcos - Elevate / Factoria - Sculptured [Borderline 100]

    Fixed that for you :P - It was such a simple one to make mate!
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    Activa & Marcos - Elevate / Factoria - Sculptured [Borderline 100]

    The clap in Sculptured is taken from Nu NRG - Dreamland (or a very good copy) and the kick drum screams Nu NRG as well. Ironically, the lead made me think of Onova, which also has his first release on the imprint right before this EP. Overall a stellar remix and EP and Borderline continues to...
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    Activa & Marcos - Elevate / Factoria - Sculptured [Borderline 100]

    Elevate reminds me a lot of peak Discover sounds - like @TJY001 said, very early Askew liquidy sounds. Would have loved to hear the breakbeat during the build-up as well, I'm such a sucker for breaks in trance.
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    AA Meeting - The Road Ahead [VII]

    Nice to see the BPM sits at a lovely 142 on this one! Was hoping for a full release ever since they premiered at Lumi 2 years ago. I know some people will say this is a simplistic track, but that's the whole point of it if you ask me. It's made to be played while cruising on the highway at 3am...
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    Coast 2 Coast - Echoes (incl. Protoculture, James Dymond, Yelow Remixes) [Sonic Academy]

    Love the Protoculture remix, really happy to see hear from him again!
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    AA Meeting - Supercell [VII]

    Preview starts at 32:24
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    Jaron Inc. vs. Wavetraxx - Summerbreeze [Part 1 & 2] [Drizzly Eclipse]

    Wavetraxx version takes the cake for me. A lot cleaner and oldschool
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    AA Meeting - The Road Ahead [VII]

    This is 100% a new track, never heard it before. Keen on a longer preview as this has Nu NRG written all over it! I guess it will be premiered in July at the VII event in Croatia when we have the AA Meeting return!
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    Gary Maguire - More To Do [Inside Music]

    There's definitely a UK Hi-NRG influence in the the kick drum and main lead. Best part for me are the pads though, smooth as a baby's bottom!
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    Talla 2XLC & Lost Witness - Red Sun Rising

    This post deserves a +1 purely for that Talla acronym explanation! <3