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  1. Aspartic

    Onova - Sorrows Harbor [Ncore Records]

    Naaaa, been there done that? Come on Onova, where are you???
  2. Aspartic

    Onova - Synchronicity [Borderline]

    Sounds great, previous work was unprecedented. This is a good start in the right direction! More emotions man!!!!
  3. Aspartic

    Jonas Steur - Night Tremors [Black Hole]

    Techno for a change... wild Tales from the south remains priceless
  4. Aspartic

    OUT UTECD002 - First Light [Ute]

    Fantastic no nonsense trance on this label and its sublabels.
  5. Aspartic

    Ronski Speed - Roxy [NOCTURNAL KNIGHTS]

    The kick is very hard, but Ronski managed to create a fun and organic trance track at good speed (138).
  6. Aspartic

    Johan Gielen & TasteXperience - Namaste [Black Hole Recordings]

    I like it! A sunny laidback tune for the spring/summer. But enough trance inside to fly away.
  7. Aspartic

    OUT Nick Callaghan - Casting Spells [Afterdark]

    Ah yes, this one makes me happy. Good uplifting stuff here. Not bombastic and sweet strings.
  8. Aspartic

    OUT Michael Oak - Inspiring (Original Mix) [AWR]

    I really like it man. You've got a good melody there. Kinda majestic. And the basswork is also very good. Not over the top kick but just good. (y)
  9. Aspartic

    OUT Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise - Time Machine (Extended Mix) [Blackhole Recordings]

    This guy knows how to make them vocal euphoric tracks. Great track!
  10. Aspartic

    C.M.R. - Lost Vision (Sam Laxton Remix) [Nocturnal Knights Reworked]

    Original is sooo much better in every way. More balanced, more beautiful, no steroids ... original.
  11. Aspartic

    OUT Alikast & Nick V – Straight To Heaven [ Monster Neos]

    I hear much noise... but that could just be me.
  12. Aspartic

    Above & Beyond - Sun in Your Eyes (Spencer Brown remix) [Anjuna Beats]

    Yep, would be a good set opener. Pretty sweet. Nothing too fancy, but does the job quite well.
  13. Aspartic

    OUT Ehren Stowers - Time & Space [Armada Captivating]

    This would have been one of the typical productions of 2008-2009. Been there done that... nothing new or interesting added.
  14. Aspartic

    OUT Onova - Angelic [Regenerate]

    Yep, it's classic Onova. All the sounds, the rhythm, the synths... Onova. But Platitude and Niveus have that tad more emotion to it. The older ones were better, but this is a good one nonetheless.
  15. Aspartic

    Will Atkinson - The Last Rave on Earth [VII]

    Atkinson did some nice things, but this one is poor. Beep beep ting ting, too simple and boring.
  16. Aspartic

    OUT Mercurial Virus - Leap Of Faith [Regenerate]

    Quite a good effort, I like it. Has the trademark generic kick, but it has a good melody and flow.
  17. Aspartic

    OUT Armin van Buuren - Turn The World Into A Dancefloor (A State Of Trance 1000 Anthem)

    Not sure of they can pull it off... a big ass indoor festival in september? Seems a bit overestimated in these dark times. Wouldn't be surprised if they postpone it to february 2022.
  18. Aspartic

    OUT Breakfast - Morning Rain [EDM Recordings]

    The mastering is indeed quite disappointing with the muddy riff and the absent good kick. Apart from that, the storytelling reminds me why I fell in love with trance in the first place. Great organic and emotional flow. The sound engineer of this should be ashamed.
  19. Aspartic

    OUT Estuera - Elpida [Magik Muzik]

    Wow, arisen after 15 years! o_O As DS says, good enough. No shivers, but a pleasant listen.
  20. Aspartic

    Dark Matter — Under the Influence (incl. Girl with the Rainbow Hat)

    Mmm, progressive.. can go either way. Most it it has already been said. The original is quite boring and goes nowhere really. I cannot think of any element that grabs my attention. The remix really opens it up with a cool oldschool Coldharbour feeling to it. Too bad the melody is forgettable.