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  1. Magdelayna

    Ferry Corsten - Just Breathe [Flashover]

    Sounds very old skool,quite charming in a way - hes made tracks like this throughout the years..
  2. Magdelayna

    Tony Walker - Field Of Joy (Magdelayna's Recollection Mix)

    Insanely underrated Trance classic from the early 2000's - i had to give it my Chilled Trance treatment.....
  3. Magdelayna

    Airwave - Inner Child [Airwave Music]

    Yeah better melodies than that era...youre talking 10 years ago now. I really liked Alexanderplatz.
  4. Magdelayna

    Airwave - Inner Child [Airwave Music]

    His melodies now are a lot better than a few years ago imo...
  5. Magdelayna

    The Thrillseekers / Mike Nichol - Adjusted EP01 [Adjusted Music]

    Be With Me is pretty nice - intro part reminds me of System F - Solstice.
  6. Magdelayna

    R.I.P. Tomcraft (1975 - 2024)

    RIP - i didnt mind Lonliness,to say it was a very commercial track.
  7. Magdelayna

    Magdelayna - Chasing Rabbits

    Here is the Chillout mix - these were two totally seperate productions...
  8. Magdelayna

    Airwave - Inner Child [Airwave Music]

    Really nice....does sound familiar.
  9. Magdelayna

    Magdelayna's Trance Mancave Rave - LIVE!

    This is a mix that celebrates me and my girfriend being together for a year - and all the Trance raves we have had together in my Mancave haha! These are some of our personal favourite tracks,aswell as tracks i have introduced to her over the year - some have become some of her favourite ever...
  10. Magdelayna

    Judge Jules - Tried & Tested (Tribute DJ Mix Series)

    Did you include Kuley - Burn & Angel Moon - All I want? I loved those tracks from MOS CD's....
  11. Magdelayna

    The Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way (Magdelayna's Recollection Mix)

    Ah,i didnt listen that far hehe - would be interesting to hear the whole thing on its own.
  12. Magdelayna

    The Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way (Magdelayna's Recollection Mix)

    Interesting mashup! Where did he say about releasing it hehe?
  13. Magdelayna

    SUPERSTRINGS x Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me [Armada Music]

    Its the instant-tiktok-social media-put a donk on it age we live in now....
  14. Magdelayna

    Pictures of TranceFixers

    Always have a strong connection with you - my first ever major support was Aly & Fila playing my remix of Forever Playing hehe. 2007...long time ago!!
  15. Magdelayna

    Pictures of TranceFixers

    Entering my mid-40's.....theres a grey storm coming 😆😆😆
  16. Magdelayna

    The Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way (Magdelayna's Recollection Mix)

    If for some crazy reason,you dont like the vocals - i did a Chilled Dub... :)
  17. Magdelayna

    Arctic Moon - Adelaide [2011]

    I agree,a beautiful melody - 2011 was a strong year for Trance...
  18. Magdelayna

    Westbam vs Red Jerry - Wizards Of The Sonic (Mark Sherry Remix) [Outburst / Black Hole]

    Isnt this just a rework of Matt Darey's remix? Its not an original remix...
  19. Magdelayna

    25 Years In The Life Of A Bedroom Producer.

    Cheers,im glad someone found it mildy interesting haha!