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  1. GeorD

    BExp - Somewhere (GeorD's Heavenly Respray)

    Hi all, today marks the release date of a track leading to a new direction for me production-wise; with a focus on introducing deliberate impurities to generate emotion, in an attempt to combine modern and old-school sounds to the best effect. This track is a tribute to old Ferry of sorts (hence...
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    The meaning of music and how it manifests through trance.

    Thank you! Yes I am, see the links in the signature section :)
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    The meaning of music and how it manifests through trance.

    First of all, absolutely love the initiative! This thread has put in words a lot of what I've experienced in music in general. So indeed, some praise for this undertaking is in order before delving deeper into it. I recognize the arguments made by @TheTranceHistorian. The point of others here...
  4. GeorD

    XiJaro & Pitch - The Path [Chasing Dreams Music]

    Yeah pleasantly surprised to see they managed to break out of their usual stuff, was beginning to think they couldn't manage that any more. Quite a progressive one, nice bit of a journey track :).
  5. GeorD

    Asteroid & Daniel Skyler - Forgiven [FSOE]

    Absolutely epic! Although yeah during the build the acids could be a bit more mellowed...
  6. GeorD

    Jonas Steur & Jennifer Rene - Still I Wait (Estuera Remix) [Black Hole]

    I agree it sounds underproduced. I do like the intimacy yet lushness of the sound design though.
  7. GeorD

    John O'Callaghan, Paul Skelton & Ren Faye - May The Road Rise [Subculture]

    Ah there it finally is. Been waiting ever since the ID got uploaded, massive tune with a very strong atmosphere!
  8. GeorD

    Plutian & Casepeat - The Ninth Wave [High Voltage Recordings]

    Found an upcoming track I liked that's not been posted yet! ;) It starts off like most modern Trance, but once the doubled leads hit... insanely epic. the preview is very promising: So far most of Casepeat's work has been quite generic and boring for me, and Plutian hasn't been as strong as...
  9. GeorD

    Tokyo Lights UPDATE

    Love this! Quite a strong atmosphere and drive with great journeyful components due to a rich sound design, please do tell when we can buy this one or enjoy it on a streaming platform!
  10. GeorD

    Sean Tyas & Enigma State - Lately [Pure Trance]

    Just piping in here to say it's available (in a shortened version) on YouTube as of now! Love it, very rich sound, emotional. Unexpected, but very welcome combination indeed!
  11. GeorD

    Enigma State - Echoes of Silence [Pure Trance NEON]

    Very promising stuff! Love the energy in this one.
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    Thank you :)
  13. GeorD


    Thanks both :) Big fan of Paracosm! Can't wait to see what else you come up with :)
  14. GeorD

    Factor B feat. Theia - Everywhere To Me [Theatre Of The Mind]

    It took some to for this one to grow on me, but especially considering the context that led to this track, the emotional impact is huge on me. Count me addicted. I understand the criticism on the melodies, the vocals definitely stick out for me more in terms of quality. That being said, the...
  15. GeorD

    Sunda - The Dragon EP [Landscapes Music]

    Love The Dragon. So mysterious.
  16. GeorD

    Cold Blue & Julie Scott - Mad Hatter [Cold Blue Records]

    Excuse me, didn't scroll far enough then. Will do in the future! Thank you for the link by the way. I'm new here, haha. I don't find an option to delete the entire thread, will just have to wait until an admin shows up.
  17. GeorD

    Cold Blue & Julie Scott - Mad Hatter [Cold Blue Records]

    Honestly, this track has quickly grown into one of the best this year for me. This sound is so authentic, far removed from the generic modern uplifting stuff imo. A true journey with rich sound design. The vocals entirely top it off for me, it somehow manages to turn the instrumentals upside...
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    Hi both, thank you :) Love your track on the EP! Very epic full-on yet authentic stuff. Been following your releases for a while now :)
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    Thank you, I certainly prefer the creativity of the older sounds, so I am sure I will :)
  20. GeorD


    Of course, well deserved! You've got a unique very atmospheric spacey sound, especially "Into the Blue" and your remix of "Georgia - Ode to '99" stand out to me!