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    Cliffy Burrows - Music For The Deaf Episode 002

    This is the latest edition of my Podcast 'Music For The Deaf'. It's a mix of Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance and Tech Trance. Enjoy :) SoundCloud link: Cliffy Burrows - Music For The Deaf Episode 002 To subscribe to the Podcast on Podmatic use the link below: Music For The Deaf To...
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    Cliffy Burrows - Live @ North East Trance, Rhythms April 2024

    Here is a re-recording of my set at North East Trance which was at Rhythms in Middlesbrough on 19th April 2024. It was one hell of a night I have to say. In my 20 years plus in the game, it was up there with one my fav gigs. The crowd and all the Dj's were amazing. Thank you all. Enjoy the set...
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    Signum - Hommage / Love Forever [Xposed]

    Looking forward to this coming out. Good to see him producing again.
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    Touchstone - Senza Fine (Original Mix) [Digitized Recordings] 2012

    I may be a bit bias with this for obvious reasons, but this till remains my favourite track on Digitized. Absolute modern classic.
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    James Cottle - Night Flight [FSOE]

    Really great track this from James. One of his best to date.
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    The Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way (Remixes Pt.3) (incl. Enigma State Remix) [Pure Trance]

    I think Enigma's is the best remix of the bunch. I do have a soft spot for Magdelayna's as well though.
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    Daniela Presta & Winterborn - Airtime (Artena Extended Remix) [Narratology Recordings]

    Have to say I'm loving Artena's work atm. His track Adagio Hearts is till one of my favourite Trance tracks over the last couple years. I think he's done a great job remixing this track.
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    Robert Nickson - In The Moment [Subculture]

    Love the bass changes in this. Good tune.
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    Stoneface & Terminal - Oceanflow [ASOT]

    Great music, not a fan of the vocal at all though.
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    Casepeat & Hoenir V - Rhapsody (Drizzly Eclipse)

    Doing some great things Casepeat. Deffo one to watch.
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    New 'Borderline Radio' show announced

    One of my fav labels around atm. they really know the proper Trance sound. Looking forward to this.
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    Cliffy Burrows - Live @ We Rise Again, Disgraceland Aug 2023

    Here is a re-recording of my set for 'We Rise Again' at Discgraceland in Middlesbrough, UK. Thanks to all those that came and thanks to Mark for having me on. Was great to catch up with good friends and to play in front of a crowd again. Was such a good atmosphere. The night has huge potential...
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    Cliffy Burrows - Discover Dark 2004-2010 The Early Years

    You're welcome, hope you enjoy it.
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    Cliffy Burrows - VII Optimum De Partes Unum & Duo

    VII is one of the few labels in the scene at the minute I keep going back to. The tracks they release are just outstanding. John Askew since his Discover days has shown time and time again he has the midas touch and knows good music when he hears it. This is my tribute to the label. I have done...
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    Cliffy Burrows - Discover Dark 2004-2010 The Early Years

    Whilst going through old music folders at the weekend I came across my old Discover Dark collection. I had forgot just how great that label was when John Askew was around still. Tech Trance at it's best. So I thought...'f**k it!' and did a mix of my favs from the early years 2004-2010. You can...