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    Funabashi - Daylight (Original Mix) [2005]

    I miss that sound. There are so many genres and producers now .but it is impossible to find something new in this style and with a similar vibe.
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    The Thrillseekers / Mike Nichol - Adjusted EP01 [Adjusted Music]

    Top 10 2024 saved, thanks The Thrillseekers :D (y) In fact, this year has not yet pleased us with any bright releases that could undoubtedly be added to this top, but one of these tracks is definitely worthy of getting there
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    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    Some vocal material, idk, I planned to make a trance out of it, but AI suggested a continuation after the break part in the breakbeat style :sneaky: BigBoss228 - Autumn Leaves (Vocal Progressive Breaks) | Udio
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    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    I wanted to make this soulless machine write something in the spirit of 2006 of the old Enhanced Recordings, Coldharbour Recordings, Electronic Elements. Not everything is perfect, but it definitely can do something.:D
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    SUPERSTRINGS x Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me [Armada Music]

    I think it's not the armada's fault, it's just that trance is not in demand on the main stage right now, and there's no reason to promote some kind of noname trance producers All the young producers play melodic techno and house and trance only from old famous producers.
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Not heard before , some kind of unreleased tracks from Özgür Can with his old style
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    RAM & Richard Durand pres. Digital Culture - ID [TBA]

    A pretty well-known sound pattern but i like it
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    Bryan Kearney vs Karney - Hammer & Mallet [Subculture]

    Nice I like that oldschoolish tech trance
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    ATB's final album in 2025 (I guess we can make it a music appreciation thread too)

    Of course, he is a legend, but nothing good has been heard from him in the last 10 years, it is unlikely that his latest album will be anything special. The best works will always be at the beginning of a career, when there is still a lot of inspiration and ideas.
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    Dan Holden - Space Time [Outburst]

    "MAD HATTER" good. AVALON from Jardin probably inspired Nico Parisi vs Erik Hubo - Metro )
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    TONY HANG Pres ALT MODE - Before The Dawn (Enlusion Remix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    The atmosphere and melody are good, but the hats sounds are too annoying and tiring, interfering with immersion
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    Christian Rusch - Numb (2004)

    The best progressive trance sound for me, in general, that period of mixing progressive house and trance is the most interesting in my opinion. Deep bass and great piano improvisation, I love trance to which you can relax and think about something. Markus Schulz - Coldharbour Sessions 2004 can...
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    Aly & Fila with Richard Durand - Nebula [FSOE]

    I think I would have paid attention to this track without knowing the names, probably not. The time when I was hooked by such a trance has already passed
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    Eli Spiral - City Of You (incl. Enlusion Remix) [Forescape Digital]

    I don't really like bandcamp releases because 99% of the tracks there consist of acid sounds that I don't like, I think it's just a matter of taste, not quality. Here I like how Enlusion vividly revealed the theme at the end, but the track did not catch on.
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    Similar trance tracks & rip-offs

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