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  1. Grant Trowbridge

    John Dopping - The Losing Struggle | Rephrased (Remix Album) Ayra Recordings

    Great remix mate. Entire album has introduced me to different sounds
  2. Grant Trowbridge

    New 'Borderline Radio' show announced

    Bandcamp aren’t really offering a ‘radio or mix’ service. We’re just making use of maximum file size that can be uploaded. Rob likes Bandcamp so we thought we’d try it and see how it goes. we do supply tracklist in the write ups and tracklists can now be found on tracklist1001.
  3. Grant Trowbridge

    SUPERSTRINGS x Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me [Armada Music]

    Guess it’s Armada cashing in on the Signum back catalogue. First the Ben Nicky coming on strong version and now this. feels very meh, no real feeling or sparkle to it.
  4. Grant Trowbridge

    Activa - Origins [Expanded Edition]

    [/MEDIA] Both the versions you mentioned are available as part of the Origins ‘expanded edition’ on Bandcamp (Need to buy full album tho) Doubt it will see an individual release tho
  5. Grant Trowbridge

    Activa & Marcos - Elevate / Factoria - Sculptured [Borderline 100]

    Exclusively via Bandcamp, you can pick up this EP tomorrow (Friday) a week earlier then Beatport etc
  6. Grant Trowbridge

    Three Drives - Greece 2000 - Allan Morrow Remix

    Free download on Soundcloud 🙂. Excellent work from Allan again
  7. Grant Trowbridge

    Revolution 9 - Remember [Ascent Recordings]

    Have to agree. Great tune from DP
  8. Grant Trowbridge

    Out Now! Allan Morrow - Intention (self-release)

    On the back of Strobe/Willingness EP and his awesome remix of Fiji, Allan’s next track is coming soon and it’s another great track. It’s self release so it will via Bandcamp. Check out the YouTube link
  9. Grant Trowbridge

    OUT Atlantis - 25 (Scuna Music)

    Out everywhere now and less then 20 copies of the vinyl left 😎
  10. Grant Trowbridge

    Nite Life Episode 5 - Slipstream Guestmix Tracklist Grant Trowbridge Mix 1. Joram Smit - Lucid Dream - Research & Development 2. Ija - Drift - Toneplay Records (Bandcamp Exclusive) 3. Dominion - 11 Hours (Sunda Unofficial Remix) - Free Download 4. Aeon Shift - Breathe You In - Borderline...
  11. Grant Trowbridge

    OUT Allan Morrow - Strobe / Willingness [Borderline]

    Allan has definitely delivered with this EP. Both tracks equally as awesome. Finally released tomorrow 🙌
  12. Grant Trowbridge

    OUT Atlantis - 25 (Scuna Music)

    Thanks mate, Appreciate the positive comment. Pre sale for digital release starts this Friday.
  13. Grant Trowbridge

    OUT Atlantis - 25 (Scuna Music)

    Atlantis - 25 limited edition vinyl. samples can be found in the link
  14. Grant Trowbridge

    Nite Life Episode 4 - Aeon Shift Guest Mix

    Nite Life episode 4 is live on Soundcloud with an awesome guest mix from Aeon Shift. You can pre-order their forthcoming track on Borderline today. Grant Trowbridge Tracklist 1)Øna - Øna - (Borderline) 2)Sinful Biz - Wishing - (Research &...
  15. Grant Trowbridge

    Solarstone - Pure Trance Volume 10 (Compilation) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Awesome to have my collab with Chris Johnson included. Cocktails for everyone 😉
  16. Grant Trowbridge

    OUT Allan Morrow - Strobe / Willingness [Borderline]

    Willingness played on Activa’s Vii radio this evening. Release date 10th November
  17. Grant Trowbridge

    OUT Allan Morrow - Strobe / Willingness [Borderline]

    I think the ‘Aeon Shift’ BL release is 27th.