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  1. marcopm

    OUT Raz Nitzan & Fenna Day - Room For Doubt (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]

    Back to the origins, very nice! :love: Unfortunately the mastering sounds a bit off to me :( Dub mix:
  2. marcopm

    OUT York - Everything Changes (EVERYTHING CHANGES) (Armada Music)

    I'm a glad that he's still producing and kept his marvellous signature sound (kinda like Chicane, although Chicane changed his sound a bit, you can easily recognize his style).
  3. marcopm

    Steve Allen & Trance Classics - Adagio For Strings 2021

    It's true that he's a sort of "same-template" producer, but up to 1-2 years ago he was very good imho. Now he has lost a lot of his touch. I liked his 2019 rework of Turn it Around, although obviously you can't beat the classic. This rework is just boring and soulless. And of course totally...
  4. marcopm

    OUT Farius - Quiet Hope [Enhanced Progressive]

    I agree, two of my favourite producers at the moment.
  5. marcopm

    Marco PM's Trance & Progressive Mixes

    I'll use this thread to promote all my new trance mixes. I don't make a lot of them (quality over quantity), but I always try to do my best. Hope you like them! Voices from Heaven volume 17 01. FUTURECODE & Roxanne Emery - Dancing in the Rain (Craig Connelly Remix + Extended Mix) (Marco PM...
  6. marcopm

    SASH! - Adelante [1998]

    I was absolutely in love of this song at the time. I was still very young, no pc or internet or anything, so I'd only listen to normal radio/tv stations or maybe some general dance compilations. Luckily at the time you could hear something like these even on normal radio or tv stations. I agree...
  7. marcopm

    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    ROTFL 😂😂😂😂😂😂 man I laughed so hard. it's.... pure perfection
  8. marcopm

    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    To be fair the list was made by the listeners by voting, Armin had no influence on that. Not that I'm defending this terrible chart or anything, just pointing out the facts.
  9. marcopm


    Roger Shah presents Jukebox 80s' album coming early next year.
  10. marcopm

    OUT Macker - Lost In Space [Pure Progressive]

    This is a grower. Loving the space exploration theme and effects
  11. marcopm

    What Song Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    I know many simply don't like his songs, but man if he always creates such incredible melodies + always picks talented singers + the music videos are always perfect
  12. marcopm

    Best House/Techno/Progressive/Deep of 2020

    Nora En Pure - Wetlands
  13. marcopm

    Gem & Tauri feat. Fiora - All You Need (All You Need EP) [Ophelia Records]

    I had overlooked it a first... superb progressive tune
  14. marcopm

    OUT Stratos Kokotas - Bali Sunrise / Komorebi [Alter Ego Records]

    I wanted to open a thread for Bali Sunrise, what a track!
  15. marcopm

    OUT Milla Lehto - World Outside [Pure Progressive]

    Something a bit unusual AND great as well? gimme gimme :p Nice track! I personally like the vocal sample, it fits very well.
  16. marcopm

    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    The two favorites tracks of mine from Cold Blue's Summer Chills album (which is basically a chillout rework of his Winter album);
  17. marcopm

    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    Nice one by Dan Stone
  18. marcopm

    OUT Alex Di Stefano - 365 Days At Dawn [ITWT]

    Amazing old-style uplifter! :love:
  19. marcopm

    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    Two new albums by Michiru Aoyama on Mango Alley, I liked all his previous stuff so this should be great as well: "Resonance" album: Resonance, by MICHIRU AOYAMA "A Summer, Archived" album: A Summer, Archived, by MARTY HICKS & MICHIRU AOYAMA