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  1. marcopm

    Marco PM's Trance & Progressive Mixes

    I'll use this thread to promote all my new trance mixes. I don't make a lot of them (quality over quantity), but I always try to do my best. Hope you like them! Voices from Heaven volume 17 01. FUTURECODE & Roxanne Emery - Dancing in the Rain (Craig Connelly Remix + Extended Mix) (Marco PM...
  2. marcopm

    Gem & Tauri feat. Fiora - All You Need (All You Need EP) [Ophelia Records]

    I had overlooked it a first... superb progressive tune
  3. marcopm

    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    I'll begin with my favorite chillout album of the last... 10 years I'd say. Absolutely incredible. Above & Beyond - Flow State
  4. marcopm

    Airwave vs. Rising Star ‎– Sunspot (incl. DCML Remix) [2002]

    One of the best uplifters ever for me. Original: DCML Remix: Bonus: Airwave playing the song from vinyl at ASOT (starts at 30:42)
  5. marcopm

    Pagination Display Options

    I might be wrong but I can't find any pagination options on my profile, like how many threads per page and posts per thread to show... Is there a way to add or change it? It would quite useful for me, especially for the upcoming releases section where there are quite a lot of threads. Thanks!
  6. marcopm

    Marco PM's here

    Hi all! Glad to see this new, super-nice home for one of my favorite communities :) I was "pmvibes" in the old forum. Never posted a lot but I'll try to do my best and post a little more here :D
  7. marcopm

    Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick ft. Melinda Gareh ‎– Fallen Tides (Incl. Mat Zo Remix) [2008]

    I had already posted this on the old forum but I have to post it [Mat Zo Remix] again. It's just soooo good. The curious thing is that I discovered this song only about 1 year ago or so, while listening to ABGT. But the moment I listened to it, I knew it that it was from the good old days. Not...