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  1. Devito

    Best Unreleased Tracks

    Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis (Blue Room Project Remix)
  2. Devito

    Why you should listen to pre-1995 trance (+ some pointers)

    Resistance D - Cosmic Love EDIT: Actually let me help you here: Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella (Club Mix) (React, 1992) Dance 2 Trance - We Came In Peace (1991 Mix) (Suck Me Plasma, 1991) Humate - Love Stimulation (Lovemix By Paul Van Dyk) (MFS, 1993) Eden Transmission -...
  3. Devito

    Techno Favourites

    Special ones (that i can remember) G-Man - Quo Vadis Area Forty_One - Nocturnal Passions (Part I) Function feat Stefanie Parnow - Golden Dawn Voices From The Lake - Reptilicus Rod - Hux Blind Observatory - Dead Space Acronym - Purity Random few: The Mood Wheel - Spiritcatcher Rrose - Shrouds...
  4. Devito

    GOA Appreciation

    Bypass Unit - Helium Hallucinogen - L.S.D Miranda - Gnocchi On the modern era, Artifact303 is absolute alien.