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  1. Toadcop

    Tiddey - Get Away (Peran van Dijk remix) [2006]

    remix is copy paste dogshit original is ok UuU.
  2. Toadcop

    Funabashi - Daylight (Original Mix) [2005]

    or "the prototype" for the unique funabashi sound <3 you may hate it, i love it <3 super remix <3
  3. Toadcop

    Fire & Ice - Forever Young (incl. Silent Cry) (2000)

    Silent Cry is just outstanding.
  4. Toadcop

    Sauna - Mirage [2001]

    is she dead? :-m interesting prog psy track! really cool flow
  5. Toadcop

    Drax & Scott Mac - Sublime [2001]

    3AM Mix holy shit how it works =O Agree UuU but i think many know the Darkstar remix <3 it's the most trancier one. always have a nice feeling from this track thanks for posting UuU
  6. Toadcop

    Signum - The Timelord (incl. Remixes) [2004]

    original and spectral balance mix are awesome UuU
  7. Toadcop

    Active Sight - Tears Of Joy [2004]

    Out Of Our Lives is awesome UuU
  8. Toadcop

    Jesselyn - Omnia [2004]

    She raped <333 love the bass <3
  9. Toadcop

    Ron Van Den Beuken - Sunset (Original Mix) [2005]

    My Favourite RVDB track <3 superb flow and sound design.
  10. Toadcop

    Bobina - Lazy World [2004]

    one of the better bobina productions. and the Again (2008) album is ok. The Last He Said is my fav.
  11. Toadcop

    Rhythm Invention - Zero PSI [1993]

  12. Toadcop

    Marcel Woods & Jesselyn - Fauna [2005]

    Jesselyn is awesome <3
  13. Toadcop

    Epsilon 9 - Lifeformation (remixes) [2002]

    true love <3 love the percursion they used back then.
  14. Toadcop

    Tillmann Uhrmacher ‎– The Pride In Your Eyes (Om Nama Shiva) [2006]

    MR remix is ok but mediocre compared to some of his others.
  15. Toadcop

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    my fav seba's track is painted skies <3 but he has lots of awesome stuff fire like this, snow etc