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    Bissen pres. The Crossover - Quicksand [2007]

    A nice, catchy, straightforward uplifter. In style it feels like it could have been a late '90s anthem trancer with that offbeat bass. JOC also remixed this track under his Joint Operations Centre alias:
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    Tilt - The World Doesn't Know [2004]

    One of the best-polished, most technological-sounding trance tracks. It sounds phenomenal even today, and I can't imagine how audiences reacted to it in 2004. This track feels like the future, in the form of a trance production.
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    What Song Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    I mean, yeah, there were a few hits but they were just not as ubiquitous as English-language songs. At their core, the instrumentals are typical '90s eurodance hits. That Samba de Janeiro track is straight-up fire, btw. Duude so I accidentally put the retro station on the radio. I then started...
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    Blank & Jones copyright

    I don't know if this is coming from them or Kontor. It could be both. I doubt there are many people buying their tracks physically, and as you mentioned they're not even available digitally. This is one of those cases where piracy is the only convenient way you can hear the originals in good...
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    Tiddey - Get Away (Peran van Dijk remix) [2006]

    Why do you think it's copy-paste? Do you think it draws too much from early 2000s trance?
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    Blank & Jones copyright

    Just saw that the Transa tribute mixes on Youtube were blocked worldwide because they contained a single Blank & Jones remix. Who the heck do these guys think they are? We live in a world where Youtube streaming is how most people listen to music. Are these guys technology-age luddites? Why is...
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    Tiddey - Get Away (Peran van Dijk remix) [2006]

    This is what happens when you perfect early 2000s supersaw uplifting trance. It becomes highly pumping, energetic, almost hard trance-like (but not quite) while also being uplifting trance-like. Here is the original mix. Maybe some will prefer it, but I'm a much bigger fan of the Peran remix...
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    Open Source - Aesop's Myth [2016]

    Translation of the Spanish quote starting around ~45 seconds in. Aesop's Myth is an excellent dark and melodic psytrance track. It is not ordinary. The ambiance, darkness, and rhythm are executed really well. Everything feels like cohesive storytelling. The only weird thing about it is the...
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    Afgin - Keep Moving Forward [2012]

    Melodic goa-trance from an era when melodies and goa-trance were largely absent. I'm not sure why this was released in 2012 - maybe it's a project the producer always wanted to finish ever since he started producing trance. For some of you this might be a bit cheesy, but in my opinion I think...
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    Cosmithex - Oblivion [2011]

    Progressive psy-trance at its finest. Oblivion was featured in Cosmithex's 2011 album Visions of Sound, and along with the rest of the album it largely flew under the radar. The breakdown/build-up special effects at ~4:26 are unlike anything else I've heard in trance. The track itself is really...
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    Galaxy - Dreamland [2000]

    Galaxy was somewhat of an ambient-oriented multi-genre project, but fortunately the artist also dabbled in trance. The end result were a couple of ambient-like goa trance tracks that flew under the radar. If you liked this track, check out his 2000 album Solar Synthesis. According to Discogs...
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    General porn talk

    ... I've never had that happen, lmao. I wonder how they handle wifi networks on college campuses, yikes.
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    What was the reason for the decline of trance after 2005?

    The 2010s were weird. At the beginning of the decade you had the JOOF Essential Mix, and the modern tech-trance style was also developing - you can tell from JOC's productions around this time. Shortly after, around 2011 producers perfected the tech-trance style, and then there was the...
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    What Song Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    An actual "guilty pleasure:" The lyrics (in Spanish) are trashy and on the same level as the video itself, but it's lit. I will never play this song out loud - headphones only, it is!
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    General porn talk

    ^ lmfao In the old days you would begin with magazines or Victoria's Secret catalogues
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    General porn talk

    By "that", I mean the type. Not a specific woman or group of women. I see how that came off as objectifying, though. I should have said something like "they wouldn't be able to sleep with those women irl"
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    Jesselyn - Omnia [2004]

    From this you can tell that she played a major role in Marcel Woods vs. Jesselyn - Fauna. The tech-trance mix of Omnia is insane.
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    General porn talk

    Correct. It could be that the person is looking for a specific type and can't sleep with that in real life (out of their league or whatever).