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  1. Magdelayna

    Unusual traffic in the classics section?

    yeah thats really strange...must be some kind of bot thing,but for what reason?!
  2. Magdelayna

    Trancemaster - Release It [2019]

    For me,those beautiful pads dont go with the kick and bassline,like its in the wrong key....would be better as an ambient track.
  3. Magdelayna

    Ralphie B - Cayende [Serendipity Muzik]

    Ralphie B had quite a unique sound as a producer in the 2000's but this just sounds like hes fallen into that generic sound that most producers seem to be forced to make - could be anyone making this tbh. Its a nice melody though,and 10 years i probably wouldve loved it and supported it.
  4. Magdelayna

    Plastic Boy - From Here To Nowhere (2005)

    Wonderful atmospheric pads - reminds me of his Moon Project - Moments Are Forever track in style. In fact,i had this track,but never played it in a set surprisingly!
  5. Magdelayna

    Brainchild ‎- Symmetry (incl. Remixes) [1999]

    The Lange remix was amazing - im surprised he didnt do an original in this breakbeat style!
  6. Magdelayna

    Tracks that got you into/closer to trance

    Heres a funny story - i was in the car with my dad when Robert Miles - Children played on the radio (mustve just been released) and the bit after the breakdown its just the kick playing - i remember i asked my dad 'why is just a beat and nothing else?' I mustve been about 13 years old - little...
  7. Magdelayna

    Tracks that got you into/closer to trance

    In 1996 this was a pop hit from JX in the UK - i had it on a 'NOW' CD,which collected all the years top selling chart records. Listening back now and it still has a really great Trancy melody,especially in the 2nd part where it has a really uplifting chord change - i can point to this record now...
  8. Magdelayna

    Magdelayna - Expeditions (DJ Mix Series)

    Expeditions 002 : 01 Nohan - Time (Armen Miran Remix) 02 Alex Stein - Bonfire 03 Space 92 & The Yellowheads - Planet X 04 Popof - Skylighter (Space 92 Meteor Remix) 05 Joyhauser - Pigment 06 Space 92 - Atlas 07 Taucher - Flussig 08 Alex Di Stefano - 365 Days At Dawn 09 Ahmed Romel - Dystopia...
  9. Magdelayna

    Afterburn - Fratt Boy (2000)

    And they even spelt it wrong - it was called 'Fratty Boy' on Magik 6 hehe. Quite different tracks,but i prefer the Trancier North Pole.
  10. Magdelayna

    TranceFix Radio #002 - Origins by Magdelayna

    Cheers mate,glad you enjoyed it - a lot of memories in this one.
  11. Magdelayna

    Welcome to SteroidFix!!!!

    I blame Photographer.
  12. Magdelayna

    Welcome to SteroidFix!!!!

    I just noticed the logo,haha. New mix is coming : Steroid Origins.
  13. Magdelayna

    Your favorite album/release artwork? (any genre)

    Always loved the Trancemaster series and also Designers Republic Gatecrasher CDs. I think design is really important...i wouldnt sign to a label now who had crappy artwork haha.
  14. Magdelayna

    Theres on average,33 trance releases a DAY....

    Im talking about Trance though,as its a Trance forum lol. And over a 1000 releases a month is around 33 a day on average?
  15. Magdelayna

    Fred Baker vs Nyram - Confirmation (Magdelayna Remake)

    Cheers mate,yeah it is one of my more simpler remakes - just 10 channels says it all hehe. Sometimes they just end up that way..
  16. Magdelayna

    My first song that actually sounds trancelike

    On that last track id check all your channel levels as some seem to be louder than others - good progress on the tracks though!
  17. Magdelayna

    LostLegend - Our New Horizon

    Really nice - almost Way Out the rawness to the breaks. The vocal goes well with it,nice ethereal pads and the subtle piano melody to end with...great stuff!
  18. Magdelayna

    Fred Baker vs Nyram - Confirmation (Magdelayna Remake)

    Cheers mate! I suppose its years of cultivating this sound,although believe it or not theres only 10 channels of VSTs running in this one,i just checked the project hehe.
  19. Magdelayna

    EverLight - Light Speed (Album) [TBC]

    Will check it out - i did like his recent 'Obelisk' track.