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    The Gaming Thread

    Return of the lightgun? The best genre of gaming ever!
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    Your favorite album/release artwork? (any genre)

    Iconic. Love the colors, the implied energy and aggression
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    Will Atkinson - The Last Rave on Earth [VII]

    For a tear-up festival track this is pretty savage. Would love to be witness to this live
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    Airwave - When Things Go Wrong (2003)

    Stunning is exactly the right word
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    P.O.S. - Gravity [2005]

    Arksun remix anyone? It's bliss, true bliss.
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    Signum - The Timelord (incl. Remixes) [2004]

    Just got on the spectral balance mix and watching the sun set. Heaven. Has all the atmosphere I want in a Trance track. The bassline and second synths remind me of coldharbour.
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    Pablo Gargano - The 4 Seasonism EP [JOOF Recordings]

    Spring and Summer sounding nice
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    Funabashi - Back To The Future (Incl. Daniel Kandi Remix) [Blue Soho Recordings]

    Original has a lot going for it with those synths, its really great. The idea is right there but something off with the production or is it just soundcloud playing at 128kbps? More tracks from Funabashi soon I hope?
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    LostLegend - Our New Horizon

    This appeals to me more than most of the prog-breaks I hear today. That's too hectic or pounding. You have a very nice balance. As a Way Out West fan too I can also hear the influence.
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    Finished one recently, kinda cool - 'Over the Edge of the World: Magellan's Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe' True story about guy and his crew who try to sail and explore the earth in the 16th century. They go about 60,000 miles over 3 years and its absolutely disastrous, as you could...
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    The Progressive Breaks Thread

    This was so nice dude
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    Perry O'Neil – Myst / Gravity [2005]

    New Perry O'Neil find for me, good tracks
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    Foxhill - Supermassive (Coredata & Allende Remixes) [PURE Trance]

    The second part of the Allende mix is really cool. Coredata mix also gets the nod of approval, probably the pick of them both. Collab from these two would be cool, the styles are contrasting might work.
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    YLEM - Tonkin Vol. 1 (Bandcamp)

    It's got that old feeling, almost a hard house bassline. Liking it.
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    Theres on average,33 trance releases a DAY....

    Holy shit 360 tracks a day! And this is just beatport. Its an A&R nightmare. If 1% of those tracks were top quality it means we would be blessed with 3 a day, meaning a lot of great music just in one sub-genre by the end of the year. I like house music but I probably find 25-40 a year I like...
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    The Croydon Dub Heads - Your Lying (Free State & Dirt Devils Remixes) [2000]

    Your Lying (Free State Remix) thats a dope ass track.
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    Progression - Ocean Green (2004)

    Great journey and share dude
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    Chicane - Everything We Had To Leave Behind (Album) [Armada Music]

    Feels like very well done but utterly standard melodic prog music. No take off or depth.