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    The Roc Project ft. Tina Arena - Never (& remixes) [2002]

    Randomly heard the Filterheadz Luv Tina remix blasting from a car in my little corner of the world. The US-Mexico border is one of the last places I would expect to hear someone blasting trance, so I was a bit #shook! Anyways, that made me think of this track, which to my surprise has not been...
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    DJ Wag & M.R. (aka Martin Roth) - Life on Mars [1998]

    Hard trance. Original version from 1998. This feels very euro trance-y and not quite like hard trance at all. DJ Wag mix, from 2001: 2001 Y.O.M.C. remix, which is a Martin Roth alias. This is probably one of the more famous versions of this song.
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    Unusual traffic in the classics section?

    Sort the classics section by views, descending. The results look... off.. Can someone explain why Pulser - Cloudwalking and Steve Callaghan - Shelter (Evasive remix) have 19 thousand and 12 thousand views respectively, while the third most-viewed track (As the Rush Comes) only has 852 views...
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    Vini Vici - The Tribe [2015]

    The tribal psytrancer that spawned an entire "festival trance" kind of subgenre. This track took the electronic music world by storm back when dubstep and future house were still going strong. The Tribe is what finally made mainstream trance artists cave in and start playing psytrance. This...
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    Artifact303 - Daydreamer [2012]

    Doesn't really feel like "progressive psytrance," but more like a modern interpretation of goa trance without sounding cheesy. Excellent track!
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    Ovnimoon - Shamanic Dance on Ayahuasca [2006]

    Fine, this is the last classic I'll post in a couple of days. ... Ovnimoon's latest album, God Gaia (2021) inspired me to listen to his earliest work. Ovnimoon's first album Camanchaca from 2006 spans several psy subgenres, and Shamanic Dance on Ayahuasca is one of the few psytrance tracks on...
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    Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk [2005]

    Happy, uplifting trance from a distant era. It has the same kind of energy as Sunny Lax - P.U.M.A. Mike's Broken Record mix: (The title is misleading, as it was not produced by M.I.K.E. Push but rather by Mike Foyle) Signalrunners Sunrise mix: Neat breaks section in the middle, and my...
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    Guys Naets & Michel Bierlin - Beam Me Up! [2000]

    Forgotten progressive trance classic. Featured in ASOT episode 000.
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    Trance to chill out to

    Trance to chill out to? But trance is supposed to be fast-paced and highly-energetic! How can you "chill out" to trance? Disclaimer: This is not an official genre/sub-genre, so it's not going into the all "music genre" threads. Recently I noticed a couple of trance tracks have a distinctive...
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    Magnus - Hold [2011]

    One of Magnus' lesser-known tracks. Hold currently has less than 1,000 views on Youtube; in fact, this is one of those tracks I uploaded myself because it was not available there. This track belongs to Signal Strength, Magnus' first (and only) album. The first couple of minutes are standard...
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    Mojado ft. Mr. Sam - Naranja [2004]

    Tech-trance with a tribal feeling. Mr. Sam vision: Dimitri Andreas version:
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    True Form - Forbidden Colours [2004]

    Gotta love that British spelling. Forbidden Colours is a hidden ASOT gem. True Form's style feels like a more relaxed version of Octagen and Arizona, so if you like those producers you will definitely enjoy this track!
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    Astrix - Artcore [2004]

    I just realized we don't have any tracks from Astrix on the classics section. Astrix is polarizing within the psytrance scene. He's among the most commercial psytrance producers, and psytrance purists are less than impressed at his style. You'll have to decide by yourself if you like his early...
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    Tom Colontonio - Nighthawk [2010]

    Good uplifting/tech-trance from the early days of "steroid trance."
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    Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturbed [2002]

    One of Infected Mushroom's best works, and one of my first tracks from them. Fun fact, Deeply Disturbed was first released in 2002 in Mexico of all places. It was not released in Israel, the center of the psytrance scene, until a year later. This might very well be the one and only trance track...
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    Sly One vs. Jurrane - Timebomb [2007]

    Straightforward tech-trance. Although it's relatively simple, Timebomb is Sly One vs. Jurrane's debut, and these producers went on to make decent tech-trance up until 2011-2012.
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    JOOF's essential mix is closer to Sandstorm's release date than today

    Sandstorm release date: October 26th, 1999 John 00 Fleming's essential mix date: February 12th, 2010 Today: February 26th, 2021 There are 3759 days between Sandstorm and the essential mix. Meanwhile, there are 4032 days between JOOF's essential mix and today. Calculation 1 Calculation 2...
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    Be-Zet - Blue Illusion [1994]

    Like the beginning of a movie about the outer space, that plays as the narrator tells us the backstory of some alien planet in the galaxy. Blue Illusion is one of those early 90s classics that I have to admit I haven't heard as much as I'd like. It is "progressive trance" in its truest form, and...
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    Elea - Totem [2014]

    Full-on, melodic psytrance from Ektoplazm: Totem is one of those rare melodic tracks promoted by Ektoplazm. Most of the tracks on that website were meant for (hardcore) underground psytrance fans, but this one is not like the rest. The pads at 3:41 and onwards give this track an early 90's...
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    One of the worst reviews I've seen on Discogs (& why you should not put producers in boxes)

    Checked out Mat Zo's Damage Control on Discogs and found an... interesting review. Dated March 20th, 2014. I could not help but extremely disagree with what that review stated, and I vibed much better with the response to that review: In my opinion: DJs are not entitled to DJ-friendly...