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    Subtara - Terminal Destruction [2012]

    Also bumping this one up. Its characteristic sound is the two-step synth at the beginning of the breakdown in the middle of the track, which gives it a familiar old-school feel while sounding modern.
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    Nervously responds to his own threads that have 0 replies
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    The Digital Blonde - Blaze [2011]

    Bumping this one up. So far, Blaze has accumulated ~530 views since its upload on Youtube across two videos (mine and the Youtube auto-generated). I would say it's a hidden gem. If you like The Digital Blonde and enjoyed his faster-paced work like Legato, Electra, and Serenade, this one is for you.
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    Bad/worst Remakes of old trance songs into a new style.

    Nocturnal Knights Reworked has entered the chat
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    Trance Arts - Twisted Tales EP [2010]

    Lol I can visualize Armin hyping up a crowd with Twisted Tales. Progresiva would have been a good fit for Pulsar Dark 4-5 years later. Crying Mermaids has an insane drive. For me, Crying Mermaids > Progresiva > Twisted Tales. I'm not too much of a melancholic ASOT kind of guy :p
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    Store n Forward - Computer Music (Haris C Remix) [2009]

    I like the original version better than the Haris C remix. Unfortunately, it seems like both versions are only available at very low bitrate qualities. I'd say both of the videos on this thread are at less than 128 kbps. Original mix in decent quality:
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    Kyau vs. Albert - Kiksu [2006]

    That little section at 1:24 is pure bliss. Kiksu quickly became my favorite from them. Excellent work.
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    Your favorite album/release artwork? (any genre)

    This has Crab Rave energy
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    Roger Shah & Signum ‎– Healesville Sanctuary [2009]

    I'm getting some Airwave (producer) vibes from the Roger Shah mix. It would be interesting to combine Airwave's Fire & Ice style with Roger Shah and Signum's productions.
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    The Drum & Bass Thread

    Another of my favorite DnB mixes. Many tracks are fairly obscure and taken from a small label, but damn they're good. It's mid-2010s DnB with a style completely different from what you would see in UKF or Hospital. The mix itself has ~383 thousand views. Highlight tracks: Xcuzme - Karma...
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    DJ Kim – Time And Space (Incl. Remixes) [2003]

    The Alphazone remix was featured in Gavin & Nox's Anthem Trance International, Vol. 1 mix, a rather obscure DJ set from the early 2004 that became popular thanks to Space3Trance (one of the more famous trance Youtubers from the early days of Youtube). The video below got ~500 thousand views...
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    Faithless - Take The Long Way Home [1998]

    The trance part screams "Platipus Records."
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    Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk [2005]

    @Daysleeper where you at? This is totally your kind of thing :p
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    The Roc Project ft. Tina Arena - Never (& remixes) [2002]

    Randomly heard the Filterheadz Luv Tina remix blasting from a car in my little corner of the world. The US-Mexico border is one of the last places I would expect to hear someone blasting trance, so I was a bit #shook! Anyways, that made me think of this track, which to my surprise has not been...
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    Dutch Force ‎– Deadline / Till Midnight [1999]

    Deadline was part of "Top 10 Best Techno Trance Songs Ever" from Spac3Trance (now Izzy Armendariz), arguably one of the more famous trance compilations that isn't a DJ mix: 7:27
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    DJ Wag & M.R. (aka Martin Roth) - Life on Mars [1998]

    Hard trance. Original version from 1998. This feels very euro trance-y and not quite like hard trance at all. DJ Wag mix, from 2001: 2001 Y.O.M.C. remix, which is a Martin Roth alias. This is probably one of the more famous versions of this song.
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    What's on your mind today?

    Just by glancing at your Linkedin, it looks like you've got a spotty resume with lots of short-term positions. Tough situation to be in, because for the good jobs you usually want to be either a recent graduate or have multiple years of experience in an area (instead of business manager ->...
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    What's on your mind today?

    I should probably have my morning coffee before posting further :P And yeah, same. Two of my relatives from Mexico worked in agriculture in one of the northern US states. This would have been 20?ish years ago.
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    What's on your mind today?

    Mexican workers doing farm labor in the US have entered the chat Seems like that is pretty universal with respect to foreign workers and bad working conditions. Not to downplay your experiences @Gagi @Uplifted. It takes courage to work abroad in such a labor-intensive job.