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  1. Propeller

    Scanfix - Lost Times (Forescape Digital)

    Scanfix is a producer I rate highly but on first listens I find these disappointing compared to his previous works. They are too minimalistic and the generic acid synths are overdone in my opinion. Floating is my pick of the two but was expecting more.
  2. Propeller

    Taucher - Waters [1996]

    DJ Taucher is such an important producer in trance and has produced and remixed so many wonderful works. One of those is Waters which came out in 1996. Hard to believe it's 25 years old, it sounds so fresh. Various mixes were released but it's all about the phase 2 mix, which has a two minute...
  3. Propeller

    Monada presents Space Wanderer - Bioluminescence [M.I.K.E. Push Studio]

    Love that bass drum. Melodies are warm and happy without crossing over into cheesy territory. Pretty good release overall.
  4. Propeller

    Arksun - Arisen (2006)

    I love Arisen. Musically it's fantastic with great melodies and soundscapes. My only criticism is that technically it's not the best. It sounds muddly in places and could benefit from better mixdown. As for Arksun's other productions, he released some great stuff on his own label Zone...
  5. Propeller

    OUT Planisphere - Love For Eternity[Bonzai Back Catalogue]

    Haha we're still Balkan buddies, don't worry! Hensmoons home town is near mine so he's my homeboy too.
  6. Propeller

    OUT Planisphere - Love For Eternity[Bonzai Back Catalogue]

    I agree with hensmoon. There's nothing wrong with posting remastered rereleases and it certainly interests this purist. (y) They usually sound better than the original.
  7. Propeller

    Southern Tier-The Warmup EP[Sub.Mission Recordings]

    The Warmup is fairly generic and does not stand out. However, All I see is lovely. The melodies have a far eastern vibe and blend really well together. Crisp production too. Look forward to hearing it in full.
  8. Propeller

    Breakfast - The Guardians [EDM Recordings]

    Pretty sweet. The build up melody is great. The main melody is good too though it could have been more interesting to make it a really top track. The best thing I've heard from BRKFST.
  9. Propeller

    Coredata - Alien Treat [Matsuri Digital]

    A bit too minimal and repetitive although clearly well produced. The sample cuts out at the breakdown. Will be interesting to hear if a melody develops from it.
  10. Propeller

    Miro - By Your Side [1999]

    This thread has reminded me how much I love this track. The original has to be in my top 10. What a great vocal, what a great atmosphere. The vocalist is Julie Harrington, well known in the trance world.
  11. Propeller

    Basil O'Glue - Light You Cant See [JOOF]

    Minimal but interesting. I like it.
  12. Propeller

    OUT William Byrne – Echo [Pure Trance]

    cool track @william byrne Have pre-ordered my copy. The rhythms and the atmosphere are superb and you've got skills. Solastone said it reminded him of Gatecrasher, what are your influences and inspirations musically?
  13. Propeller

    Stu McNally (aka Insert name) - Accessive Rhythm EP [Forescape Digital]

    full versions, all are nice but Majestic in particular is divine.
  14. Propeller

    Miro - By Your Side [1999]

    First heard this when Paul Oakenfold played it on his creamfields essential mix in 1999 and loved it immediately. Was gutted when they said it wasn't being released, but thankfully it did get a release in 2002. Still some people have managed to get their hands on the original white label from...
  15. Propeller

    Richie Blacker - Ecstasy Jesus / Tomb Raver [Of Unsound Mind]

    nice old skool vibes in both, ecstasy jesus in particular i like
  16. Propeller

    Mir Omar - Offset Five [Pure Progressive]

    Nice electro bassline and pleasant gentle melodies but not enough happening elsewhere. With more sounds and effects it could have been really good.
  17. Propeller

    OUT Chris Connolly - Terminal Synthology [Pure Trance Neon]

    I like the vibe in this and the way the synths kick in whilst the beats are pounding. And pretty decent synth melody too with good energy. Pretty good release overall.
  18. Propeller

    Stu McNally (aka Insert name) - Accessive Rhythm EP [Forescape Digital]

    I would say that Majestic, Scorpion and Accessive Rhythym are straight buys. First two are my favourites. Majestic sounds like a modern day 'Natious - Amber'. This guy makes some great basslines but with lots of supporting sounds and effects. These tracks are really rich and his mixdown and...