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  1. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Why you should listen to pre-1995 trance (+ some pointers)

    This is a really good thread! I've been talking about this for centuries already! I think most people, even veteran trance fans tend to forget the existence of Trance Music from 1995 and earlier, which is quite a shame because this music is really good and like you said, it set the foundations...
  2. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Where do you live/come from, and whats it like there?

    I live in a small place called Linda-a-Pastora which is part of Queijas in the municipality of Oeiras in the surroundings of Lisbon. There's not much to see here but it's a nice place to live. The first picture is very close to where I live, the second one is in Parque do Jamor which is a...
  3. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Did the coronavirus change Armin's career?

    Elitists or not, they kinda have a point, I mean, no one in their right mind would have liked to see something they created so dearly being turned into something so vastly different that it no longer or barely represents what it once was, in that regard, you kinda have to understand their point...
  4. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Did the coronavirus change Armin's career?

    Yes, of course Ferry Corsten is controversial, the moment someone claims that he was downright responsible for the somewhat dumbification or even death of Trance Music as a whole, of course he is controversial and this are not even my words and no, "Punk" was not the problem, om the contrary, it...
  5. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Dj Toxic - It's Killing Me (Original Club Extended) [2002]

    This is one of those Hard Trance bangers that needs not introduction for me. Just pure euphorid hard madness here!!!!! At a staggering 144 BPM!!!!!!
  6. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Did the coronavirus change Armin's career?

    Eh, I think Oliver Lieb and Laurent Veronnez have always been way better, more consistent and less controversial than Ferry, especially the former one.
  7. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    DJ Tom-X - Cocaine (Clubmix) [2002]

    Proper Hard Trance classic released in 2002, included in many Early Hardstyle sets as well. It's rather simple and it works really well thanks to the very haunting vocals and somewhat sinister atmosphere. A true classic and a really good recommendation for any Hard Trance lover. Here is the...
  8. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Hey there!

    Now, that I never did, hahahahaha! :p For me it does, yes, hahahaha! xD
  9. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Hey there!

    Hahaha. Yeah, I understand that. I live near Lisbon, in Portugal and while I've been able to enter most places barefoot, including faculty, most restaurants, most public transportation, bars and cafés, some places and some people just won't let me in like that, there was even a time when I was...
  10. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Hey there!

    This is really interesting! Yeah, the same thing happens to me in my group of friends, I'm always the odd one out, hahaha. And yeah, I agree with you, life feels so much better in bare feet. And hahahahahaha! To be honest, I can't really remember the last time I had to wear some kind of shoe, I...
  11. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Hey there!

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! No but seriously, this is real, really really real, it's probably my most obvious characteristic for someone who sees me for the first time, so no, no need to ban me, at all, hahahahaha. :P
  12. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    Hey there!

    Hey there you guys! Glad to see this forum coming back with a completely new layout and a very different feel, great job here! To be honest, I can't recall exactly my username on the old TranceFix site, I think it was JTTrance2011 or something like that but I'm not sure. Anyway, great to be...
  13. JohnnyBarefoot1992

    A new era of TranceFix - Welcome to the new forum!

    Nice to see this forum coming back with a completely new look and feel, great job!