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    Kamilo Sanclemente & Giovanny Aparicio - Magic Carpet / Transit Saturn [SongSpire]

    A prog release. Transit Saturn has a warm atmosphere. Magic carpet is hella relaxing kinda prog. Liking them a lot actually, maybe some will here as well. Transit Saturn Magic Carpet
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    Your favorite album/release artwork? (any genre)

    Album artwork can be so well done. Kind of miss the days when I would get a CD and open up the sleeve to see the various designs. Vinyl of course still has it, but I cant afford that most of the time. Release artwork in Trance lost a lot of the sentimental or trippy feel compared to old, but...
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    Hello from USA

    Nice forum, I just found it for the first time this week, been discovering and learning a bunch from browsing as a guest. Seeing forums alive with music lovers is what it's all about. I can see most are European here, it's a shame not more people from the US know or appreciate Trance. Well, what...