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  1. freewave

    Dark Progressive House

    Making one more thread here today with a set/playlist I've been working on. This one for Dark Progressive House. "But once the late-’90s Gatecrasher-era of trance was ushered in by artists like Ferry Corsten, Tiësto, Paul Oakenfold, and Armin van Buuren, the genre as a whole aimed at creating...
  2. freewave

    8th Note Prog

    So I made a new set/playlist for 8th Note Prog which was a term that Ishkur came up with. I'm really not sure how many people used that beside him. It goes into as much details as i could find. 8th Note Prog was pioneered by deadmau5 in his earliest key tracks, brought to commercial success by...
  3. freewave

    Trancefix Archive - The OLD Trance Forum Top Tracks

    SO I'm a new member here but joined the OLD Trancefix site JUST before it closed down. I'm not heavy into the current scene but enjoyed 90's trance immensely and I do like create and find other trance (and other genre) lists where i can. I was able to archive the Top Tracks from the old forum...