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  1. Recharge

    ATB - Obsession [1999]

    Technically I am not sure if its trance. But always managed to put me in a mega relaxed trance style. Atb was breaking boundaries and bringing so much to trance and dance. A true pioneer of electronic music...
  2. Recharge

    A very special mix for Valentines day

    I know I have a thread for my mix/radio shows, but this a special mix that feels much more personal than any of my other mixes. It's a special mix that tells a story using lyrics from each song. I mixed a new story in the first 45 min and played my first mix on a love story theme that I made...
  3. Recharge

    Are we seeing the death of progressive trance?

    Let me start at the begging. Everybody noticed how one of the major trance labels - Anjunabeats started slowly going further from what I'd like to call electro and progressive trance (examples of artists and typical sounds I have in mind are Super8 & Tab, Andrew Bayer, Cosmic Gate even if they...
  4. Recharge

    Blue Tente - Lost Signal (Balearic Mix) [2011]

    I was listening a few York songs tonight and got reminded of this amazing song. The uplifting mix is alright but the Balearic mix takes it to a whole another level...
  5. Recharge

    OUT Ronski Speed - Greyskull (Subculture) Another song I am surprised it's not already shared. Very fresh sounding uplift tune from one of my favourite remix artists. Already played the song a bunch of times. It came out last month 15/01/2021
  6. Recharge

    OUT York - Everything Changes (EVERYTHING CHANGES) (Armada Music) I was surprised no one add it. It definitely has some very old school sound and the fact that came on Armada is absolute surprise for me. I made it the tune of the week in my show without any hesitation. It came out on the 05/02/2021
  7. Recharge

    OUT Nikola Melnikov, Max Sorokin - Gods Of Hall (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep] (2020-10-09)

    Now I know most of you dislike progressive, but that is a song that can definitely change your mind, it hits so hard with sadness when the violins start and the melody is so amazing. Truly a masterpiece. I am probably going to play in almost every show in the next few months, already played it a...
  8. Recharge

    Lost Witness - Red Sun Rising

    Now this is a song I haven't heard for a while! Not sure which I love more the original version or the Lange remix. But Lost Witness is making a 2020 version releasing soon.
  9. Recharge

    My first song that actually sounds trancelike

    I've made few songs but although I love trance every time I try to write a song from scratch all I have is this unharmonic/dark melody loops ideas. This is the first one that actually sounds finished and trancelike I am working on a 140 bpm version but I don't think I will finish it soon...
  10. Recharge

    Trancegene/Recharge Sessions/Pure Progressive Sessions

    Trancegene ep.013 Some of the best new realease from trance and progressive Nicolas Rada - Genesis (DJ Recharge Trance, Peace And Harmony Live Edit) Trance Wax - Beul Un Latha (Original Mix) Kyau & Albert - What It Takes (Sound...
  11. Recharge


    Hello, My name is Svetoslav(Dj Recharge). I am originally from Bulgaria, but I live in the UK atm. I've been obsessed with trance music all my life. One day about roughly 2.5 years ago I just woke up knowing I had to learn how to dj. It was a long and hard journey where everyone kept telling me...