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  1. halcyonzocalo

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    :) Nice arses! I loved that video when I was 12 years old. :D
  2. halcyonzocalo

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

  3. halcyonzocalo

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

  4. halcyonzocalo

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    :) Back then, I learned the choreography by heart. And I still think that it is amazing. Can't believe that I danced to this as a 10 years old boy... I always liked this much more than "Around the World". Luckily, it's already quite dark outside so I can dance to this track without anyone being...
  5. halcyonzocalo

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Thank you for reminding my of this gem! Unbelivelable that this is from 2009! I feel so old. Anyway, although this is already a great track, this is by far my favourite of the whole EP. :)
  6. halcyonzocalo

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    :) A nice little track that I just discovered.
  7. halcyonzocalo

    OUT Cold Blue & Josh Kramer - Talvi [Reimagined] [Black Hole]

    Oh, this is nice! Great melody, synthwork and a nice track structure overall. Reminds me a lot of John O'Callaghan soundwise.
  8. halcyonzocalo

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    As a kid, we always called them Atomic Titten. Although they are not that atomic, lol.
  9. halcyonzocalo

    David Elston & Tony Hang - Return To Paradise [Regenerate Records]

    Pretty nice track. A sweet melody, some nice synths and very euphoric overall. I like it. :)
  10. halcyonzocalo

    Ferrin & Low - Breeze (Woody van Eyden Remix) [Relaunch Records]

    Finally, a label we were all waiting for, lol. To be fair, the remix is not THAT bad, but completely redundant. It adds nothing to the original, it basically sounds exactly the same... Here is the original from 2006:
  11. halcyonzocalo

    Ronski Speed feat. Linnea Schossow - Set Me To Light (Daniel Kandi Remix) [Digital Society Recordings]

    Nice remix. Very simple melody, but very energetic and I like the vocals. Will this be released as a single? It seems that there is only a mixed version up until now.
  12. halcyonzocalo

    Factor B feat. Cat Martin - Vacancy [Theatre of the Mind]

    Nice breakdown and a sweet melody. I wish you could here the drop in this preview, but from the total length of the track it seems that there won't be any real drop anyway, so I am not that excited to hear the rest.
  13. halcyonzocalo

    OUT Breakfast - The Guardians [EDM Recordings]

    Great track! I really like the melody and the subtle influences of his old tracks in here. Really enyojable!
  14. halcyonzocalo

    DJ Eco - And We Flew Away [2010]

    One of my favourite Eco-tracks. I just love the long build-up until the track literally explodes after five minutes. I just came across this track by pure coincidence, but all of a sudden many forgotten memories came back, so why not sharing them with you? :) Edit: By the way, I am not 100%...