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    OUT Ferry Corsten Pres. Gouryella - Orenda (Flashover Recordings

    Had my first listen, and even though the melody isn't great, it's still an enjoyable track. I like the intro melody more than the main lead in fact. It's also very well produced, and is about as pleasing to the ears as modern melodic trance can get. I am definitely a fan of Ferry's 'soft...
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    OUT Ferry Corsten Feat. Lovlee - Our Moon (Protoculture Remix) [Flashover Recordings]

    Liking this remix. Doesn't deviate too much from the original, but turns it up a notch into a trancier version whilst maintaining the mellow vibe of the original. The baseline is very tasty too.
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    Salt Tank - Dimension (Salt Tank's Voice Of Reason Mix) [1999]

    Haven't listened to this for a good few years. The percussion and bassline are lively, and even though the melodies aren't even that great in my books, all of the elements come together very nicely. There is no filler in the entire track whatsoever, everything flows in and out smoothly and...
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    Aalto - 5 [2006]

    One that i didn't use to love as much as before. I must say it is a damn unique track though - the baseline is instantly recognisable, and so is the siren-like main lead.
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    Activa - Polestar [Black Hole Recordings]

    Liking the sound of this. Style wise this is right up my alley - dreamy, well produced trance. Melody is pretty good but i do feel it lacks that extra bit of quality to take it to the next level, especially during the climax. An extra melodic element / acid line would have done the trick i feel.
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    Activa - Tri-Series Part Three [Activa Music]

    The real gem in this release is the digital only 3rd track - Restore My Faith. It's a melodic, techy-sort of progressive track. Flows really nicely. Reminds me of a Starecase production with its deep throbbing bassline, piercing hats and simple yet pleasant melodies.
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    OUT Lostly - We're Descending [Pure Progressive]

    This has got a good groove, but as others have mentioned, it is way too underdeveloped and lacking in variation. It probably works well enough in a set, but as a standalone track there needs to be more going on. A missed opportunity i felt, in what could have been an interesting track.
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    OUT Estuera - Anaphora [Magik Muzik]

    As with his other new Estuera productions, it has some interesting ideas but ultimately it is just so-so as a whole, a 6.5 out of 10 production. This has a Leon Bolier vibe to it, and sonically it is indeed more interesting than most modern-prog. The melody itself is pretty basic and...
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    OUT Super8 & Tab vs Factor B - From Way Back [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

    I do quite like the main bulk of the track, the break and melody are quite nice. The intro and outro don't fit with the rest of the track as others have mentioned, it feels like it's been tagged on as an afterthought after they made the main section.
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    OUT VA - Solarstone pres. Electronic Architecture 4 (Compilation) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Been listening to this a few times over the past month to let it sink in and offer my opinion on it. In short, it's a decent mix. Sounds smooth and curated with care. Having said that there aren't any standout tracks for me. The Slowmotion collab and Lostly track are slightly underwhelming tbh...
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    Beautiful takeoffs of the modern era

    Post some of your favourite takeoffs of the modern era! We often talk about breakdowns and climaxes but the takeoff is the crucial link between the two. A sloppy one can deflate the listener and break the flow of the track, whereas a well crafted can take the listener to much greater heights...
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    Van Bellen - Let me Take you on a Journey(Extended Mix)[1997]

    Both enjoyable tracks. They start out simple but build very nicely - i personally love those string pads the most.
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    Analogue Relaxation

    Benz & MD - Visceral (Greenwave Atmo Ambient Mix)
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    Trance Quickies

    Was an enjoyable watch. I like how he incorporated some very 90s animations when the track was playing - the part at 10:20 had me in stitches!
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    Mehilove - Beautiful [Anjunabeats]

    Smooth vocal track with dreamy plucks and a warm fuzzy bassline. Freshly released on Anjunabeats.
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    OUT Protoculture - Red Point [A State Of Trance]

    Not particularly impressed with Protoculture's new deep sound. It just sounds a bit stale really. His proggy sound during 2010-2014 was a lot more engaging and vibrant.
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    Bit late to the discussion. Honestly i do think a clean-up from time to time is beneficial. Speaking for myself at least, on the rare occasion i trawl over some of the older threads, i'm more interested in seeing how others reacted to a track at a certain point in time. For all the zero reply...
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    Magnus - Find A Way [Ayra Recordings]

    A track that flew under most people's radar, released on breaks label Ayra Recordings. It's a hard hitting breaks track but with his usual melodic touch and sprinkled with a healthy dose of vocal chops. Very much enjoyed it.
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    Theres on average,33 trance releases a DAY....

    The process of music production (or in fact, any artistic endeavour) has been made simpler and more accessible to the masses, so expectedly more music is being made. Personally i don't think this is neither a good or bad thing in itself. The most important thing is that the big labels uphold...
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    John Johnson - Hong Kong [2001]

    A driving piece of prog that builds and builds with tight percussive elements and strong bassline. The off-beat main lead whilst simple, is utilised to great effect, and gives the track a euphoric peak-time feel to it.