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  1. flund

    Flund & Mehdi Belkadi feat. Dan Picknell - Waiting (Tycoos & DJ T.H. Remixes)

    Hey guys, So I don't know if this belonged in the upcoming releases section or not, but I have a feeling that's sort of frowned upon so I just wanted to share with you that my latest track "Waiting" is now out on Beatport with just awesome remixes by Tycoos and DJ T.H. Sort of puts the original...
  2. flund

    OUT Flund - Alone [Yeiskomp Records]

    Melancholic harmonies in this throwback to old-school uplifting trance. Out on Yeiskomp Velocity December 13th on Beatport.
  3. flund

    OUT Flund - Too Far Away [Yeiskomp Records]

    Shameless self promotion-alert! I produced this track for my better half as we're in different countries, and thus can't see each other due to the current situation. I hope it brings some joy to your speakers :) Exclusive date (Beatport): 08.11.2020 Release date (All Stores): 22.11.2020