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    Beautiful takeoffs of the modern era

    Post some of your favourite takeoffs of the modern era! We often talk about breakdowns and climaxes but the takeoff is the crucial link between the two. A sloppy one can deflate the listener and break the flow of the track, whereas a well crafted can take the listener to much greater heights...
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    Mehilove - Beautiful [Anjunabeats]

    Smooth vocal track with dreamy plucks and a warm fuzzy bassline. Freshly released on Anjunabeats.
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    Magnus - Find A Way [Ayra Recordings]

    A track that flew under most people's radar, released on breaks label Ayra Recordings. It's a hard hitting breaks track but with his usual melodic touch and sprinkled with a healthy dose of vocal chops. Very much enjoyed it.
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    John Johnson - Hong Kong [2001]

    A driving piece of prog that builds and builds with tight percussive elements and strong bassline. The off-beat main lead whilst simple, is utilised to great effect, and gives the track a euphoric peak-time feel to it.
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    Fictivision - Out of Orbit (inc. Phynn's Jet Propulsion Remix) [ITWT / 2004]

    Both tracks i immensely enjoy. Both producers enjoyed a brief few years at their peak from 03-05, with a string of very fine releases on the ITWT imprint. The original is more polished, delicate and dreamy. The remix is bolder, melodically richer and more exciting. Especially the second...
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    Gai Barone - Esperanza EP (The Outlaw Ocean Series)

    Contact - a really nice melodic prog track Gai is most loved for. Well worth checking out imo. The other tracks on the album range from downtempo, experimental sounds to the usual techno/prog. P.S. I would also very much recommend the book 'The Outlaw Ocean'. A very engaging read about...
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    Temple One - Healing [Divine Rhythm]

    New single from Temple One, on this new label (his own?). This is a decent track - short and to-the-point in its approach. The breakdown and the melody in the break is lovely, esp. those plucky sounds are so well made. Although the climax is slightly disappointing tho and sounds somewhat flat.
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    Paul Van Dyk feat. Saint Etienne - Tell Me Why (The Riddle) [2000 / Vandit]

    My favourite PVD track of all time! This has the typical thumping Vandit feel to it, but it also has that soft melodic touch of his OTAB days. The track is interesting from start to finish despite it lacking a big supersaw melody. Instead the little vocal snippets and synth stabs move the track...
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    The Pop-Trance Thread

    A much divisive genre of music, mainly referring to the more commercial/pop sound of predominantly trance musicians. Some are undeniably really bad, although equally there are decent tracks to be found if one listens with an open mind. Post some of your favourites here! Armin vs. Sophie...
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    Aria - One (Voyager Remix) [2001]

    Definitely one of the most unique sounding prog tracks. It's so percussive driven, arguably its more akin to techno rather than progressive. It's a relentless percussive fest with a wicked bassline riff that keeps you on your toes. Definitely one to be played out loud. The original is also...
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    Fragma - Toca (Album) [Positiva / 2001]

    The group most often known for tracks such as Toca Me and Everytime You Need Me. This album straddles the line between trance and pop, as with most vocal dance of the late 90s era. I picked this album up a while back in a bargain bin store, out of curiosity more than anything, having not heard...
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    Solarstone - When I Dream [Black Hole]

    First single off the Island album coming out next week. I think this is a decent proggy track, somewhere between an Orkidea and Yotto track. Lively groove and percussive elements. Although the melodic side of things left me wanting more, it stays kinda the same all the way throughout.
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    Michael Cassette - David (Allende Remix) [Anjunadeep] [2007]

    Revisiting an old favourite of mine. Haven't listened to this for ages! Coming back to it today feels like discovering a new track. Those vocals have to be one of my favourites in the trance/progressive scene. Sad, nostalgic. The backing synths and drums are on point too, creating this trancey...
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    M6 - Days of Wonder [Soundpiercing] [2010]

    A beautiful track from the modern era. Takes you on a journey this one, and back then when track titles still had some connection to the music itself. Sonically very tasty too.
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    Aalto - Resolution [Anjunabeats / 2005]

    This one doesn't quite get as much love as it deserves amongst the other Aalto releases. It doesn't have the sugary sweetness of Rush, the euphoria of Taurine, or the ridiculously infectious groove of 5 - it kinda has a bit of everything, but that doesn't mean it's an inferior track. I wasn't...
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    Transa - Electronique [2002]

    Taken from their one and only album Chronology. This track has one main arp that permeates the entire track, but subtle changes and clever use of the spoken words, create a hypnotic and mesmerising experience. The piercing hi-hats and bubbly bassline keep the groove afloat.
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    Not a genre i'm too well acquainted with, but i recently got to heard Robert Nickson's take on it and i'm really digging it. Post your recommendations here! Analog 82 - Youthtopia
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    New Age Thread

    Would like to have your recommendations on this genre of music. This one has some absolutely heavenly vocals. Discovered from a recent Tom Middleton ambient set.
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    OUT Activa - Midnight

    Progressive track with a good groove and subtle melodies.