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    OUT Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro - Nothing to Hide [Wake Your Mind]

    Gets better with each listen tbh... this is the future guys
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    OUT Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro - Nothing to Hide [Wake Your Mind]

    @Daysleeper , nahh, I sing a long as well! Screw standards if it ticks my boxes🤷‍♂️
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    OUT Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro - Nothing to Hide [Wake Your Mind]

    Obvious Interstellar influence but a ch00n nevertheless. Cosmic Gate :love:
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    Dreamy & Daniel Kandi & Temple One - When You Saved My Life [Always Alive Recordings]

    Bingo, exactly what's needed :) That's why I started liking Anjuna again. It's not too groundbreaking, but it's fresh, and it works. Screw 138 if that's how it sounds like...
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    Giuseppe Ottaviani and Ferry Corsten - Magenta [2013]

    How lovely is this? :love: aged perfectly if you ask me
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    OUT Ferry Corsten Feat. Lovlee - Our Moon (Protoculture Remix) [Flashover Recordings]

    Definitely tops the original, the vocals are awesome, big like(y)
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    Aly & Fila with Plumb - Somebody Loves You (Paul Thomas Remix) [FSOE]

    Pretty sweet, I dismissed it at first thinking it's some dumb 138 fsoe remix
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    George Acosta Feat. Aruna ‎– Fallin' Backwards [2008]

    Duderstadt's uplifting all the way, on heavy rotation to this day
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    OUT Cold Blue - Sunbird [Subculture]

    Exactly as I feared - starts sweet but then the progression gets so "complex", that I lose interest. Ew!
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    Conjure One feat Sinead O'Connor - Tears From The Moon (gardenstate Remix)

    Maybe it lacks a bit epicness but not sure. Love it so far
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    OUT Andrea Ribeca - Perseverance [FSOE]

    Sounds like A&F copy pasta sorry. You can hear how hard he's trying to suck up to them
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    Vini Vici - The Tribe [2015]

    I'm with the negative nancies over here, didn't like this "psy" in the 00's, back when the Israeli generic psy factory was at full throttle, and hated it even more when Armin decided to promote this crap again. edit: but ofc, if you're on mdma holding a joint at a gig, who really cares -...
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    OUT Stoneface & Terminal - Moonscape [FSOE]

    I was craving for something like Hypogaen/Tale In Verse since they went the dumb tech trance route, but this is merely a quick "homage" to Corderoy - Sweetest Dreams. If you don't mind that, enjoy:p
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    Aalto - 5 [2006]

    Appreciated it back in the day despite my electro hate, today I consider it godly, along with Taurine. just yummy
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    OUT Ferry Corsten Pres. Gouryella - Orenda (Flashover Recordings

    Pretty cheap, and for the love of god enough with the Interstellar theme already
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    Gareth Emery feat. Dani Poppitt - Friendly Fires [We'll Be OK]

    Vocals sound a tad too spacey but a choon nevertheless, I'm a sucker for these
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    Sebastian Brandt & Peter Steele - Singularity [RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT]

    Ah really.. got excited for no reason then. Bland boomer track
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    OUT Cosmic Gate - Feel It [Wake Your Mind]

    Pretty hot I'd say, if you can turn the l33t off:
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    OUT Martin LeBlanc - Lagom [Pure Trance]

    Didn't hear EA4 yet, so it might fill alright. But as a standalone track it is indeed pretty useless