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    OUT Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro - Nothing to Hide [Wake Your Mind]

    Obvious Interstellar influence but a ch00n nevertheless. Cosmic Gate :love:
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    Giuseppe Ottaviani and Ferry Corsten - Magenta [2013]

    How lovely is this? :love: aged perfectly if you ask me
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    OUT Cosmic Gate - Feel It [Wake Your Mind]

    Pretty hot I'd say, if you can turn the l33t off:
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    OUT Naz feat. Deanna Leigh - Underwater [Anjunabeats]

    Sweet little vocal tune if you aren't sick of those yet
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    Modulation - Spirits (Cosmicman Remix) [2003]

    ch00000n. Sounds like actual magic. Try the ASOT114 rip, it's even better with higher bpm.
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    Matti Laamanen - Live [2004]

    So beautifully gloomy... 😪 The remix is phenomenal: 😦
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    Fractal Structure - Lost Sequence [2004]

    Proper af & the Anima remix of course: