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    Your Top 5 Armin Van Buuren Tracks

    Despite the fact that I've made at least a hundred of memes about Armin by now, I still love his old stuff and have a lot to mention. These type of threads is my weakness - I always want to fully open up and show my tastes, hehe. As usual, the closer to the first place, the more shivers I...
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    Electronic Beats TV: Blind Test // 90s Trance

    A cringy moment at a Blind Test #2.
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    Electronic Beats TV: Blind Test // 90s Trance

    The rules are simple - guess an artist name, you get 0,5 points, guess the title - get another 0,5 points. I've got 7,0 points, and I can't believe I've outdone all of these guys, LOL! Track #1 - 0,5 (got the artist but not the title; Track #2 - 1 point; Track #3 - 0 points (guessed the label...
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    OUT The Digital Blonde - N3ON [JOOF Recordings]

    Over the past three decades The Digital Blonde has created a cult following, his now legendary 90's hit 'Legato' cemented this journey and from then on he's been delivering a sound that can only be described as his own. Over the years he's stayed true to his take on the Trance world, along with...
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    Similar trance tracks & rip-offs

    "Touch Me" (original and The Thrillseekers remix) sounds the same as "Shine". Taskforce - Touch Me (Original Mix) [1999] (starting from 1:49) The Space Brothers - Shine (Full Vocal 12" Mix) [1997] (starting from 1:55)
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    Luminary - Amsterdam (Incl. Super8 & Tab Remix)

    ~11 years ago I've discovered this "mashup" with Kamil Polner - Heart Of The Sun on YouTube, which appeared to be just a cut from ASOT 2005 yearmix where Armin put one track on another. Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix) + Heart Of Sun (ASOT 2005 Yearmix cut) My friend from Poland has made a...
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    Temple One - Protect You [Always Alive]

    Expected something more emotional from one of my past Enhanced favourites - this melody didn't touch me :cautious:
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    Cats, dogs, or other fantastic creatures

    Meet Markiza, my 13 y.o. love
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    The Gaming Thread

    So it's been like a week since I've discovered this f2p game called Warfork which is one of the most fast-paced FPS games I've seen, and I love it. As I mentioned on Page 2 of this thread, I love Quake 3 Arena, especially the Defrag mode which focuses on movement mechanics and their use in...
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    Paul Denton & ID - ID [TBA]

    I'm not saying anyone stole any ideas. It's just the recognizable sample of another artist, who might be involved in co-production, that's all. Paul right now is one of my favourite uplifting trance producers, met him 2 times as well, great guy.
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    Masters & Nickson - Out There 2008 (5th Dimension) [2008]

    Fun fact - in ASOT 080 and ASOT 081 there was a the dub mix of "Out There" played under a different name, so I believe it was before the release. 5th Dimension - Rain Of Emotion (Robert Nickson Remix) There's also some discogs info here: Rain Of Emotion – 5th Dimension (2003, Stickered, Vinyl)
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    OUT The Digital Blonde - N3ON [JOOF Recordings]

    It was fantastic. He has also made a rework of Visage - Fade To Grey, which he played in the end and it's so good ☺️ The radioshow is available here: JOOF Radio - 022 with John '00' Fleming
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    The current no. 1 track on the Beatport Trance chart...

    he could ask you to make a chilled rework 😏
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    The current no. 1 track on the Beatport Trance chart...

    Aaand it's #1 now! 🥳🥳🥳
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    Paul Denton & ID - ID [TBA]

    I have a feeling the track is made with Neptune Project or The Noble Six, and that's because I'm hearing a little sample which is too similar to their track. Check it from 1:12 on the same video from first post. And.. Neptune Project vs. The Noble Six - Time (Original Mix) (starting from...
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    The current no. 1 track on the Beatport Trance chart...

    Wtf is this bullshit haha :LOL: And yeah I also checked his facebook before Magnevi wrote the comment and noticed absolutely no attention from the trance society so I'm sure it was bought. I also have a feeling this guy just hires the cheapest ghost producer available. His instagram photos...
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    Signum - Beyond This Earth (Richard Durand Remix) [TBA]

    Meh... Original is one of my favourite Signum tracks, and I don't think anyone can make it sound better.
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    Paul Miller - Trance Fever (Artist Album) [Music En Route]

    A brand new 16-track-album from a Polish uplifting genius Paul Miller is out now on his own label Music En Route. I really enjoyed a track called "Razem" which is a collab with Marc van Linden. It means "Together" in Polish and it's absolutely amazing. You can clearly hear that Marc decided to...
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    Groovezone - Eisbaer (1997)

    So in 2009 I was still listening to Tiesto's Club Life radioshows and there was one particular episode I really enjoyed relistening to - Club Life 117, Part 1. I've heard that podcast at least 30 times I think, and the "Classic Of The Week" was Groovezone - Eisbaer - that's where I discovered...
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    Have you taken "breaks" from trance?

    Trying to be diversive in terms of listening to electronic music so I won't get bored, that's why now it's smth like 30% trance, 30% dnb, 10% psychill, 10% techno, 20% other genres. But since I've started listening to trance I can't remember having a serious break, despite from 2016 to 2017...