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  1. Michael Oak

    OUT Michael Oak - Lost In That Moment (2021 Uplifting Remix) [BANDCAMP]

    Coming out soon, the 2021 Uplifting Remix from "Lost In That Moment" a track featured on my first Album "Moments"
  2. Michael Oak

    OUT Michael Oak - Inspiring (Original Mix) [AWR]

    Since two days, that I had the melody stuck in my head, yesterday I started to work on the composition, to adapt it into an Uplifting theme, hope you like it
  3. Michael Oak

    OUT Michael Oak - On Body and Soul (Album) [AWR]

    More details about the release are coming soon :)
  4. Michael Oak

    Michael Oak - Deep In My Mind (Original Mix) [AWR]

    Happy New Year to everyone with lots of positive energy!!!:)🙏
  5. Michael Oak

    OUT Michael Oak - Hidden Tears (On Body and Soul) [AWR]

    Hello guys, "Hidden Tears" is the 4th and last single extracted from my upcoming Album "On Body and Soul". "Hidden Tears" is a mixture of Trance with Synthwave elements. The release date is this Friday the 30th October. Here is a preview from it: Hope you like it :)
  6. Michael Oak

    OUT Michael Oak - Ariana [AWR]

    Here is a longer preview of "Ariana", the 3rd Single from my upcoming Album "On Body and Soul" Hope you like it :) Release date is on the 28th August 2020