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  1. Daysleeper

    OUT John OO Fleming & Fuenka - Corruption (Chapter 3) [JOOF Recordings]

    The backbone and percussion of the track is too basic and sterile for my taste, but it kinda makes up for it a llittle with fx,acid etc. Personally I dont think its a great track, its OK+. Not something i would listen to more than 2-3 times at most.
  2. Daysleeper

    OUT Terk Dawn pres. Divinity Of Mind - Alpha Centauri (Inc. Vascotia & Six Senses Remixes) [Blue Soho]

    Sooo sweet. It just hits the spot!!! That phased melody with the detuned synth theme + pad is what does it. It has the looking-out-the-window sentimental vibe to it that has been lost in trance. The vascotia mix I might have wanted something more in terms of build, or even in the outro. Feels a...
  3. Daysleeper

    OUT Activa - Origins (Artist Album) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Good question. You would almost think Im a hyporite. Who knows ;) You've seen my reactions and opinion on the ES tracks. The difference IMO is that those are just a style of trance, while the activa tracks almost replicating old tracks. My mind almost immediately went to old tracks when I...
  4. Daysleeper

    Trance Classics pres. Enigma State - In My Fantasy / Enigmatic [TBC]

    So, digital coming later huh? I Will support, but i'm not gonna buy a turntable right now.
  5. Daysleeper

    Activa - ID [Borderline]

    No, not bedrocki
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    Trance Classics pres. Enigma State - In My Fantasy / Enigmatic [TBC]

    Just to get things straight: so now people have to fund the vinyl first then they can purchase it? Just curious. No sour faces. I loved hearing the tracks in the that tranceclassics set but ive already played the tracks about 15 time each. Maybe you shouldve hołd on to the full tracks (almost...
  7. Daysleeper

    Activa - ID [Borderline]

    Sounds pretty solid, but it reminds me of something. Both the stabby lead and the swirling synth aswell.
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

  9. Daysleeper

    OUT Activa - Origins (Artist Album) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Almost every track reminded me of some other og trance artist that I mentioned in my post. Its both a strenght and weakness of the album imo. For me its mostly a weakness because it just doesnt draw inspiration but intrude into the other artists sounds.
  10. Daysleeper

    Alex Wright pres. Amethyst - Amethyst [Blue Soho]

    Lovely break. THE tempo or rhyrhms feels slightly off to me through. Like its either the wrong tempo or something. Or maybe the rhyhtm of it all is just too simple. Its halting.
  11. Daysleeper

    Planisphere - Memories Of The Light (2000)

    Wasnt sure to post or not. "O" just excells this one. Similar tracks, this feels a little less inteesting to me. Still a good track though
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

  13. Daysleeper

    OUT V/A - Hyper Love [Tofistock]

    Liking it, but it isnt something I can say I would come back to really...
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    Hip-Hop Thread

    What about some uk stuff?? bam!