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  1. Progrez

    Envio - Touched By The Sun (Cymatics Remix)

    Wrong section???? the original has already been posted
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    Alex Wright pres. Amethyst - Amethyst [Blue Soho]

    I actually met Alex on Anjunabeats forum - this is his best production yet.
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    Dub Techno / Atmospheric Techno

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    What's on your mind today?

    Nice man, how big is the plot? and typical the attorney general office just forwards me to the complaints section of the Department I want to take legal action against. The complaint department will just look at and just put it under the rug. I don't know where to go, I supposed I shouldn't be...
  5. Progrez

    Astral Projection - Artist Album [TBA]

    Those are some wicked tracks.
  6. Progrez

    Trance Classics pres. Enigma State - In My Fantasy / Enigmatic [TBC]

    I did read through the comments there was nothing about the track having a fake vinyl noise just a bunch of people asking you send it to Lange and Thrillseekers and how good the track is and what not. I'd be interested to know if you have sent this to Armin and Ruben and Solarstone as well what...
  7. Progrez

    Trance Classics pres. Enigma State - In My Fantasy / Enigmatic [TBC]

    In my fantasy is lot better compared to the other track. Reminds me of Trance from 2002 it even sounds like it's a set from 2001 - 2003 which is rare. EDIT: Why does this version sound scratchy compared to the radio mix?
  8. Progrez

    Effective Force ‎- Diamond Bullet [1991]

    Amazing trippy track and creepy track perfect timing for Halloween - 💀👻 Effective Force ‎- Diamond Bullet (Beyond Judgement Can't find Act 4 Here is Act 5 from 1992.
  9. Progrez

    Activa - ID [Borderline]

    Good solid release.
  10. Progrez

    [Old] Progressive House music

  11. Progrez

    What really *is* missing from trance?

    What's also missing is that most of the big names are turning their backs on the genre just like JOOF. What a crock of shit and hypocrisy by this man and the other big names.
  12. Progrez

    What's on your mind today?

    But still, I wonder why does it cost much? If these courses are going to become obsolete in 10 years time then I don't see the point of them. The more I think of it modern day work is nothing more than a form of slavery. The top get all of the riches and prestigous things while we have to...
  13. Progrez

    What really *is* missing from trance?

    Do you guys think that the digital revolution has had an impact on the genre? I think it has, I mean the trance track seem to sound worse now than they did over 2 decades ago when it used to sound crisp and warm and mellow, addictive, melodic, and nostalgic as well and it seems that music...
  14. Progrez

    OUT Airbase - Escape (Sunny Lax Remix) [ARMIND]

    Cheap and amateurish trash. I suppose most producers realise that making music is worthless these days.
  15. Progrez

    What really *is* missing from trance?

    Exactly! - that's why I wish producers would make up courses to show exactly how to produce those not the cheap ones that I hear from Jonas Steur like the recent ones actually genuine tracks. I would pay good money for that.