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  1. Juna

    Active Sight - Tears Of Joy [2004]

    This is so smooth and emotion filled
  2. Juna

    Serious / Sophisticated Psy-trance

    Its one of the best ones from the producer. Man With No Name - Visit the Moon
  3. Juna

    Union Jack - Papillon [2009]

    you just helped me discover one of the best tracks I ever heard 🤯
  4. Juna

    OUT Trance Wax - Trance Wax (Deluxe) (Album) [Anjunabeats]

    Activa remix is..... BOMB. Push remix also got the great vibes.
  5. Juna

    OUT Narel & Cosmithex - Endgame [Forescape Digital]

    Wow one of the best to hit my ears this year
  6. Juna

    Trancefix users at trance events

    I go almost always to the psy-trance parties because this is what is the dominant scene in my country. Many of the parties have goa or dark forest psy where for 16 hours there is no release of the relentless beat not for even a second. If one DJ dare to drop a breakdown well then the hippies...
  7. Juna

    GOA Appreciation

    Friday mfuckers!!!!!! Time to plug in. MWNN - Evolution
  8. Juna

    The TranceFix Selection Playlists

    I love the idea. This one from 1988-2007 is already a 💣
  9. Juna

    OUT Activa - Origins (Artist Album) [Black Hole Recordings]

    So far I cannot make the decision on which is the album for 2021, Activa or Digital Blonde. What you forum folk thinking? Both are bomb albums and for different reasons. I love the Activa one for the clean sounds and all the variety in the mix. I still am listening and finding new favorites each...
  10. Juna

    Astral Projection - Artist Album [TBA]

    We've been waiting forever!!!!!
  11. Juna

    Activa - ID [Borderline]

    The real deal
  12. Juna

    TranceFix Radio #005 - Trance: Still Breathing by Enlusion

    Boooom, what a mix. I have on for 2 days now and its on repeat for number 3 yet again. Thank Enlusion
  13. Juna

    OUT Marwan Jaafreh - Escape EP [OLD SQL Recordings]

    one of the best dark prog releases from the year
  14. Juna

    Allan McCloud - Gerascophobia (+ Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

    I cant even begin to say the name with my accent but I think Mr Hohnflugs track is very very good! And the title name too is impossible for my tongue and my knowledge... who knows what this word means. Check it boyz. Original Mix F-Act Remix Hohnflug
  15. Juna

    Facade — Razor Crest (incl. Basil O'Glue & Nomas, Slam Duck Remixes)

    Will say this release is my favorite one so far from the year, with even higher states of enjoyment being fulfilled over the two months I played the tracks.