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    NatLife - Sea & Snow EP [2007]

    The first snowy day of this season is already here in my hometown, so I want to share with you this little 'Its Snowing' tune from NatLife. I still have the 12" of this release at home and it was the last 'new' Trance record I have ever purchased back in the days.. I have found the vinyl in a...

    Perry & Rhodan - The Beat Just Goes Straight On & On [1993]

    Sorry epic-trance lover's and also sorry proggy-heads, this track is not really for you drama, no uplifting breakdown, the beat just goes on & on... I always was and I always will be a huge fan of this track.. all time class.. and still sounds fresh.!. from time to time i still play it in...

    Phools Inc. - Light It Up [2000]

    Long time no O.L. post, so here it is.. maybe some of you will like it, maybe some others not really, but this is a classic millenium Lieb. The 'dEEp Mix' is mine Phools Inc. - Light It Up (dEEp Mix) Phools Inc. - Light It Up (mAIn Mix)

    Unreal - 3 [1994]

    My favorite Trance release from Peter Dundov.. already mentioned in some other threads, huge classic and a personal all-timer.. Trance at its best I was never into the A side, so I will post only the B side of the 12". Unreal - Prologue Unreal - Eastern Temple

    Confession - I Found My Love [1992]

    I really liked this from the first moment... lovely deep trancey atmo + the annoying girl voice, strange combo, but for me it still works. Very typical early Frankfurt trance sound. The track is made by the Komakino guys and the Labworks label owner Hoschi. Confession - I Found My Love (Trance...

    Thormax - Erasmus [1994]

    I strongly believe that the years 1993-95 were really strong for the Trance music genre. Nobody was ashamed to release or to produce a trance track, even techno legends like Carl Cox, Damon Wild, Sven Väth or Dave Angel did so. Trance was relevant for the club scene and the scene cared about...

    Aurasfere ‎- The Greenhouse Effect EP [1994]

    It was never very usual that I liked more than 2 tracks on a EP, maybe thats the reason why I love this release so much. Produced by a New York house music legend Dennis Ferrer. Tell me whats your favourite from the EP. Mine is 'Sunrise On Epsilon': Aurasfere - Terrasuave Aurasfere - The...

    No Moon - Is It Vibey Is It Yolo [2017]

    My first thread in this section.. well, well, there is not really many cool stuff from the last decade, too much melodies, less atmo, strange times for the trance genre. But I liked this one wen it came out, totally my kind of trancyness. No Moon - Is It Vibey Is It Yolo Maybe somebody will...

    Saints & Sinners - Peace [1997]

    Sublime remixes from Oliver Lieb and Humate, the original version is a early Van Bellen production released only as a B-side in 1997. I had today the Lieb remix three times on repeat. Power bomb. The remixes are from 2001. Saints & Sinners ‎- Peace (Oliver Lieb Remix) Saints & Sinners ‎-...

    Illuminatus - Hope [1993]

    Huge classic, the Spicelab/Oliver Lieb Remix is pure gold and its maybe my most favourite Oliver Lieb production of all times! Illuminatus - Hope (Spicelab Remix) Here is the original Trance Mix for curiosity The Spicelab Remix was released one year after the original release, in 1994.

    Van Bellen - Soulfeel (The Senses EP) [2000]

    Back in 2004, when I finally had internet at home, this was one of the first EP's that I downloaded to my computer. Some days later, I was outside with my good buddy and we have met another friend, who gaves us some green xtc's. After some time they kicked in very hard and we came to my home...

    Elegia - Grid One [1997]

    Uploaded by 2trancentral some days ago. I never heard this one before and I love it from the first moment, this is electronic music for my ears and mind. The track was released at Laurent Garnier's 'F Communications' label (in the trance scene best known for Aurora Borealis - Milky Way or...

    Nail - Cassiopeia [1993]

    Another tune from my summer playlist. The track needs its own thread on the forum. Neil was only 18 when he made the track. Pure love, enjoy:

    Dove Beat - La Paloma [1997]

    Early Van Bellen production. This fits very well into my summer mood. The Ocean Mix is sublime. Ocean Mix Oliver Lieb Remix Power Dove Remix

    Resistance D - Skyline [1994]

    One of the 'more trancy' tracks on the legendary Harthouse label. The main melody in the 'Bytes Mix' is absolutely fantastic: The Eternal Basement Remix was pretty sweet

    Ramin - Moonchild [1993]

    One of my beloved 'summer is here' tracks, I really love the atmo. Ramin - Moonchild

    Borgia - Mandrake [1994]

    Another alltimer, a strong one. I had this track on a tape released in Czech republic, but it can't be found on discogs or anywhere on the net, so I wonder if it was a official release. This track has everything what I love on club music, its raw, melancholic, spacy. In 2020 Supernova...

    Metro Dade - The Andor Voyage [1995]

    This track needs its own thread on the forum. Instant classic, not underrated, just forgotten. Metro Dade - The Andor Voyage

    E-Craig - Call It A Day [2005]

    Imho one of the best Trance tunes of the year 2005, anybody who was into it? E-Craig - Call It A Day (212 AM Mix)

    Virtual Symmetry - See You (Discovered Theme EP) [1993]

    I play this track on every spring season for many years now. spring '21 is already here, so why dont share it here on the forum... Virtual Symmetry - See You