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  1. BladeRunner_

    The Auranaut - Highway At Night [2006]

  2. BladeRunner_

    Latest purchases (non-music)

    I want to spend more time outside this winter. For now I'm planning mostly day hikes to Vitosha mountain (20mins. away by bus). Don't have experienced mountaineers in my social circle (except my best friend but he lives in Germany) so more adventurous hikes in winter conditions are out of...
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    Latest purchases (non-music)

    Bought a fleece and kind of regret. Could've bought something a lot cheaper from Decathlon. Lately looking for outdoor gear (base layer, fleece and shell jacket) and the most well-known companies like Patagonia, The North Face, Bergans of Norway, Outdoor Research are crazy expensive here. Their...
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    Martyn Päsch – Indifference Of Feeling [Kvltö Records]

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    What's on your mind today?

    You should get paid IMO. This #latestagecapitalism bullshit like an unpaid internship should be eradicated with a law.
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    D-Lay - Secret (Back To Reminiscence) [1996]

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    Tibet Team FFM - Australia (Trance Mix)

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    The Boy From Nowhere - High Life [1994]

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    Enter - Load & Save (B.B.E. HD Mix) [1997]

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    Babes Thread - SFW

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    Upcoming movies / Latest movies you've watched

    Dune Absolutely adored it. Great storytelling, visuals, acting, don't get the complaints about the pacing - 2h30 flew by IMO. Hans Zimmer's score - so-so. Watched It in IMAX and the theatre experience was excellent. You can go to cinema here only with certificate for vaccination and there...
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    Spicelab - Spice Is A Fulltime Occupation [1994]

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    Football Thread

    Ole OUT! Resign please...