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  1. NJRoddy

    OUT Leon Bolier – Kronos [Black Hole]

    So nice... I can listen to Trance like this all day when it doesnt have those silly Psy FSOE basslines. I really hope producers take note and that trend goes away soon. Its been around way too long and makes everything sound the same. I know its been said a thousand times before but just do it...
  2. NJRoddy

    Fire & Ice - Forever Young (incl. Silent Cry) (2000)

    Silent Cry is just outstanding.
  3. NJRoddy

    OUT ZOYA - Bright Star [Pure Progressive]

    Very nice track but I can't help but hear a slowed down and changed key of Sean Tyas - Reach Out
  4. NJRoddy

    Push - strange world (joyhauser remix)

    Very clever how they don't use the lead melody as the focus but bring forward the counter melody pads as the lead. Great remix, would of smashed it back in 2000 and smashes it now. Big fans of of the lads.
  5. NJRoddy

    A new era of TranceFix - Welcome to the new forum!

    Love it guys! Thanks for all your hard work :)