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  1. Electronlyman

    Best House/Techno/Progressive/Deep of 2020

    As played in his Cercle liveset @Cappadocia My track of the week. HUGE one! Not released yet, nor officially confirmed. Pretty sure it's the right title though :) Worakls ft. Eivør - Red Dressed (Ben Böhmer Remix)
  2. Electronlyman

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Keep coming back to this one, because I Love the warm, retro feeling of it. Reminds me of Michael Cassette.
  3. Electronlyman

    The story behind "Wave Force" by Perry O'Neil [Interview]

    I forgot to add something important. Most unreleased tracks that we the listeners know of :) Artists generally don't speak or mention tracks that never have been played anywhere. They rarely do. When I see people talking about unreleased tracks, it's normally these, which have not been sold...
  4. Electronlyman

    The story behind "Wave Force" by Perry O'Neil [Interview]

    Most unreleased tracks are actually somewhere on YouTube so that's a pity...
  5. Electronlyman

    The story behind "Wave Force" by Perry O'Neil [Interview]

    That collab with MIKE not available to listen?
  6. Electronlyman

    Enlusion — Misty Shadows (Artist Album) [Forescape Digital]

    On the last track as I'm typing this. I have enjoyed this album more than expected. It sounds really coherent and well balanced. Slightly more on the darker side of Progressive. Well fitting to the rainy weather behind my window. This is not a 'spectacular' record, that's foaming with hi-nrg...
  7. Electronlyman

    HOT RIGHT NOW - YouTube Playlist

    Playlist updated with new tracks on Monday 24.08.2020. This week's journey includes Balearic, Deep, Progressive and Chillout. 👈 Hope you enjoy!
  8. Electronlyman

    OUT Trance Wax - Lifeline [2020]

    Unfortunately these vocals ruin it for me... Else it could be so good!
  9. Electronlyman

    OUT Trance Wax - Lifeline [2020]

    Gonna check this out asap, Trancy Breaks is a special treat when done right.
  10. Electronlyman

    Techno trancier than trance

    There are some my recent playlist - link in my signature 👈
  11. Electronlyman

    HOT RIGHT NOW - YouTube Playlist

    HOT RIGHT NOW - Recent + unreleased - Trance, Deep, Progressive, Disco, Techno, Retro and more!
  12. Electronlyman

    OUT Bliss Inc. - Hacking The Planet [Radiant Love]

    I love them all, but directly noticed a similarity of that first track to this:
  13. Electronlyman

    OUT Solis & Sean Truby - Stand Off [Interstate]

    What's going on in the comments over there on YouTube? :rolleyes:
  14. Electronlyman

    Jay Del Mar - Nimbus (Incl. Breakfast Remix) [EDM Recordings]

    I love a lot of Breakfast's productions, and somehow at first I didn't feel this one at the first listen. However I gave it another listen yesterday and this time have been blown away! It conveys exactly the right amount of oldschool substance, that everyone seemed to be so craving for. Even...
  15. Electronlyman

    MOSHIC - Free & Beautiful (TBA)

    I did. - Echoes Can Come To Life - Mol-Do-Va - this one I bet the scene would be boring as hell, if everyone had the same taste in music. Thankfully that isn't the case. 🙂
  16. Electronlyman

    MOSHIC - Free & Beautiful (TBA)

    MOSHIC - Free & Beautiful From his upcoming album Major tune! :love:
  17. Electronlyman

    Sophisticated trance/progressive music

    I just uploaded this on my channel, guys this one is major! :love: Unreleased, yet. It's gonna be on the next MOSHIC album!