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  1. Gijs

    UDM - Supernova [Armada Captivating]

    The melody on this one isn't too bad actually. A nice one I'd say.
  2. Gijs

    Armin van Buuren featuring Justine Suissa - Burned with Desire (incl. Rising Star Mix) [2003]

    One of my favourite Armin tracks, if not my favourite. 😊 Original mix:
  3. Gijs

    Locust - Aerospace (incl. Probspot Remix) [2005]

    I've listened to ASOT 2005 and 2006 a lot while I was away on hoilday, and this one from the 2005 comp is truly amazing in my opinion. Original mix:
  4. Gijs

    Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia [2004]

    My favourite track by G&D by far.
  5. Gijs

    Armin van Buuren Presents Rising Star - Touch Me (Incl. Vincent de Moor & Darude Mixes) [1999 / 2006]

    The Vincent the Moor mix. So many years have passed after hearing it for the first time on 10 Years, and it still remains one of my favourites of all time. The original mix, which I also have nice memories with: The Darude mix, of which I don't really know much about but sounds cool anyway:
  6. Gijs

    OUT Jorn van Deynhoven - Fiesta Del Sol [Armada Captivating]

    Nice progressive one by Jorn. Strange that it took this long for it to be released. 'The Future Is Now' Album mix:
  7. Gijs

    3rd Moon - Monsun [2009]

    Such a beautiful uplifter by N2O and Cell X :love:
  8. Gijs

    Separate (classics) section for posting post-2010 tracks

    There has been a bit of discussion in the classics section (This thread to be exact) regarding posting tracks released after 2010. Is it an idea to make a separate section to post tracks that aren't new, but are not considered classics either?
  9. Gijs

    4 Strings - Take Me Away (Into the Night) [2001]

    I remember hearing this one for the first time on a Radio 538 classics compilation, years before I even knew what trance was. It still brings back so many memories...😊
  10. Gijs

    Markus Schulz & Departure feat. Gabriel & Dresden - Without You Near (incl. Gabriel & Dresen Remix) [2005]

    This one still gives me goosebumps, oh those dark but euphoric vibes... Fantastic job by G&D! The original mix
  11. Gijs

    OUT John Askew - Recalibrate (Greg Downey Remix) [VII]

    Stormer of a remix, good job by Greg.
  12. Gijs

    Push - Strange World (2000 Remake) [2000]

    Truly amazing this one. That lead, wow!
  13. Gijs

    Midway - Monkey Forest [2002]

    Another one by Ralph that I have nice memories with! The delay on the lead always gives me goosebumps and the acids and basses are some of the best I've ever heard.
  14. Gijs

    Tempo Giusto - Choose Your Fate [Review]

    I’ve grown a bit weary of listening to ASOT live since episode 85X or so. Because of that, I only check the tracklist on Spotify after the episode airs, searching for tunes that look interesting. I’ve been doing it for the past 2 years, ASOT 970 was no exception to this. I looked at the...
  15. Gijs

    Everlast - Primer [2004]

    This one always makes me happy, I just love the overall vibe and the melody.
  16. Gijs

    Ralphie B - Massive [2001]

    This one is truly massive! The memories...
  17. Gijs

    Watched threads and notifications

    Is it possible to make an extra tab on your profile for a list showing which threads you're currently watching? I have to go to every single one of them and de-select them if I'm not interested anymore, and I think it would make it easier. (If it's already there and I just haven't found it then...
  18. Gijs


    The concept of mash-ups has been around for a long time of course, and that also counts for non-EDM songs. What is your favourite? And what is a mash-up you've always wanted to hear?
  19. Gijs

    OUT Rodg x Super8 & Tab - Soundcheck [Statement!]

    Has some interesting things to it, but the bass is a bit too loud for my liking. I'd say it's decent overall.
  20. Gijs

    Problems with Youtube embeds

    It seems that on multiple occasions, YT embeds on the site refuse to load, with the message 'Video not available'. However, when I copy the link and paste it into another tab, the video loads just fine. Is that just me, or it something that needs to be fixed?