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  1. Recharge

    OUT ARTBAT x Pete Tong - Age Of Love (ARTBAT Rave Mix) [Ministry of Sound Recordings]

    I thinks its Age Of Love being such a perfect song that, I always love hearing new versions of it. Absolute ageless classic. Some people will say Cafe del Mar, but for me Age Of Love is the most emotional and raw trance classic I've heard.
  2. Recharge

    OUT ARTBAT x Pete Tong - Age Of Love (ARTBAT Rave Mix) [Ministry of Sound Recordings]

    I am always wary when it comes to some of the best song of trance being remixed in a more modern version, but this is one is an absolute gem of deep progressive. I can't believe no mentioned it yet.
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    Activa - Luminosity (Sean Tyas Remix) [Regenerate Records]

    Great remix, the original is absolutely stunning song too.
  4. Recharge

    OUT Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Markus Schulz In Search Of Sunrise Extended Remix) [Ride Recordings]

    Now we know Markus sometimes is way below his normal level but this remix is absolute gem. I don't know if because I love the original and the mixes that came before. If I am not mistaken Super8 & Tab/Myon made remixes a few years ago, but this one seems to be better.
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    OUT Giraffi Dog feat. Erik Jäähalli - Members of Warning 2021 [Warning]

    Another nostalgic track. The label also seems very interesting. Lots of oldschool muisc
  6. Recharge

    OUT Melih Kor - Stargate (Original Mix) [NDL012]

    I started searching for oldschool trance and sometimes I get duped by rereleased music so I started cross searching for previous releases to make sure it's new music. Anyways the lastest classic sounding gem I found
  7. Recharge

    OUT BastiQ - Beyond [Yeiskomp Records]

    This post has been coming for a while. I first got introduced to him when I joined mixcloud. He was around 15 at that time. Now 2 years later he is close to hitting 200 episodes within a few months with his weekly Energy Of Trance show. He is the nicest kid and I truly believe he is the future...
  8. Recharge

    Some new 90's music that I found recently(more explanation in the comments)

    I can imagine even Ferry, Armin, Solarstone and countless other artist have a ton on unreleased music too. I have been producing for just a little bit more than year and I release almost everything I write on SC since it easy, but even I have a bunch of demos and edits unreleased. Imagine 25...
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    I was looking for more songs from The Chemist on youtube and found this. Immediately it reminded me of Korn and Skrillex, I know Korn fans hated it, but I really liked it, I guess on the count of both liking electronic music and metal, so naturally this had to be my next song to hear.
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    Some new 90's music that I found recently(more explanation in the comments)

    I don't know how many of you have reddit or browse it. But in the past week a girl came along sharing her passed away dad's work through the 90's. A lot of unreleased stuff with lots more coming according to her. I guess he had a lot of unreleased music before he passed away. Her post...
  11. Recharge

    DJ Recharge - Bulgaria (Part 2) (first 'proper' trance song)

    Last night I wanted to see if I am getting closer to writing uplifting trance. I wanted to write just a demo, at first it sucked balls. That's actually a normal part of my process very often. Sometimes it gets me hour or two to fix/improve idea/ideas. But I liked the demo so much, so I spend the...
  12. Recharge

    Trancegene/Recharge Sessions/Pure Progressive Sessions

    Recharge Sessions ep.073 Recharge Sessions Soundcloud: DJ Recharge Mixcloud: DJ Recharge Facebook: @djrecharge YouTube: DJ Recharge Twitch: DJRecharge You can catch the next episode on every Tuesday at 7pm UK time... Tracklist: Icon, Myon - Cold Summer (Extended Mix)...
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    DJ Darroo - Wasserwellen [Underground sounds 2022 / Infused Traxx]

    Very interesting song, I think you gonna love it. Not sure about release date I just found it possibly on re-release on beatport. Edit: I played it on my last show and absolutely love it. Seems to be 2022 release just put on youtube first a few months ago.
  14. Recharge

    DJ Recharge - Don't Worry Be Happy

    These are some of my favourite songs. It's just me messing around and experimenting with stuff. I wouldn't even imagine putting a genre on it.
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    I am interested what do you know about an artist named Mark Digital

    At some point I actually liked his fb page and forgot. He has his email there, thank you.
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    Kyau & Albert - Where Did All the Years Go (DJ Version) [Euphonic]

    You can say whatever about them, but hearing Albert on the vocals is alway magical. I ofc dig their deeper sound from the last 5 years or so. I know it's not everybody's jam
  17. Recharge

    I am interested what do you know about an artist named Mark Digital

    Apart from his music being on digital dj pool and his spotify/youtube I struggle to find any info on him. He seems to have inactive SC account too. He revolves around 128 prog trance/house but his music is more melodic/simplistic and he is quickly becoming a favourite artist atm. Even his around...
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    DJ Recharge - In The Night

    I am always open to suggestions. I do everything in headphones and when I finish a song in a few hours, I always get something in the mix wrong(by the end my hearing gets less sensitive) or some smaller details in the song that I add/fix in the next few day after having fresh perspective...
  19. Recharge

    DJ Recharge - In The Night

    I don't know if this is the right place to share it, I try to share only the songs related to progressive and trance. Quite happy with it. Two unique and simple builds up. And quite a lot happening for th 3 minutes excluding intro and outro parts.