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    Nile - Ra / Orange Line [2005]

    Ra, love the sounds in that one, it's a favorite of mine. Ra Orange Line
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    You Are My Salvation - TF Interview & Album Review

    Thanks for the read. Also a fan of Mercurial and also Ael but only listened once so far
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    TranceFix Awards - The Best of 2021

    After reading the votes that have been shared I can see a lot of common choices with others and my own. Nice to see when harmonious agreement takes place in Trance. It has been a good year for the scene, but much more to do and grounds to be made up.
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    TranceFix Awards - The Best of 2021

    His production does stand out above most. He gave us so many good tracks this year, with both Tristate Pt II and Pt III being released, with some of the best tracks of the year, and then his album which was very enjoyable, also many great tracks. And the odd remix. Maybe 12 worthy tracks I could...
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    TranceFix Awards - The Best of 2021

    It was the last year review that made me find this forum, a good read and I also found some new tracks for the collection and hope to do the same for this years . Don't really folllow the new stuff religiously like I used to, but impressed with Activa's output, the Digital Blonde album and a...
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    OUT Narel & Cosmithex - Endgame [Forescape Digital]

    When is the bandcamp release @Enlusion?
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    [Old] Progressive House music

    Desert - Moods (Desert Dub) [1995]
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    Dsounds - Place We Came From (1998)

    This is mesmerising
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    Hydra - Affinity (2003)

    It's a special track
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    OUT Activa - Origins (Artist Album) [Black Hole Recordings]

    I would choose Activa's, just. The DB album exceeded my expectations, but I went in with slightly lower ones. The Activa one met my expectations which were for a very solid Trance album and I especially enjoyed the overall flow from the mixed album (I usually prefer unmixed). My top tracks of...
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    What are the (truly) best vocal Trance tracks of all time? (The Top 100)

    Ascension - Someone Grace - Its Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix) Lange - Happiness Happening Paul Oakenfold - Souther Sun And my favorite Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes
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    OUT Activa - Origins (Artist Album) [Black Hole Recordings]

    The only album i'm looking forward to this year. So far the samples have been good.