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    Ferry Tayle & Static Blue - Trapeze [2010]

    The original is my preferred version. A stunning track that delivers melody, emotion and a breakdown to die for. Uplifting yet tinged with sadness, this track is one of the best in class from an era when Enhanced was prolific. Original Daniel Kandi’s Emotional Remix Arty Remix
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    Daniel Kandi - Child / Nova [2007]

    Another from the Anjuna golden era. Child was my particular favourite as it was just so emotional and uplifting. A beautiful melody made from raindrop keys which doesn't do anything too complicated, just gently lifts you and keeps you floating for the remainder of the track. Takes me back to the...
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    Salt Tank - Eugina (Inc. Remixes) [2000]

    Hi everyone, Great thread this! Especially as I love nothing more than discovering a diamond-grade trance tune from yesteryear! Thank you for all your posts so far. Anyway, the Michael Woods Remix of Salt Tank - Eugina is, in my opinion, an outstanding trance tune for a number of reasons: a)...