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  1. Progrez

    Zirenz - Edge of Space (Original includ Andy Moor & Adam White - Present - Whiteroom remix) [2006]

    One of the first tracks I heard back in 2006 which made fall in love with the old ASOT and ASOT 2006 was the best ever. I did do a search but couldn't find the track.
  2. Progrez

    Building/Architecture Thread

    Post some of the coolest buildings and structures being made around the world
  3. Progrez

    Firmly Undaground – Hide And Seek [1997]

    Amazing tracks!!
  4. Progrez

    Kobbe & Austin Leeds - Fusing Love (Includ Leeds & Markus Schulz Remix) [2004]

    houssey chords love the track from start to end.
  5. Progrez

    Shane Hoeh - Continental Fusion (Includ Relaunch Remix) [2010]

    Shane Hoeh - Continental Fusion (Relaunch Remix) Love the Relaunch remix.
  6. Progrez

    Liquid - Orlando Dawn (Includ Space Brothers Mix) (2000)

    The space brothers remix is soothing for the soul.
  7. Progrez

    Euro Dance Thread

    Post some of the unknown euro dance tracks that not many people know about. You can include the sub genres like Italo Dance
  8. Progrez

    OUT Escape Artist - Energy Breakthrough (Includ. Adam Pits' Lightspeed Mix) [Phonica Records]

    Melbourne based Escape Artist has blessed us with a euphoria bursting EP for the 30th release on our main label series! For the past few years we have absolutely loved his genre fusing releases on labels such as Salt Mines and Kalahari Oyster Cult which wonderfully slip between Breakbeat...
  9. Progrez

    DJ Mag - A Trance History Encylopedia Will Be Released This Week A trance history encyclopedia is set to be published this week. Incoming via Dutch publishing house Mary Go Wild, Hypnotised: A Journey Through Trance Music (1990-2005) is the first trance archive of its kind, covering...
  10. Progrez

    OUT Solar Suite - Slingshot EP Incl. Roza Terenzi Remix [On Rotation] My favourite is this one from an Australian producer with those lovely progressive spacey leads that we heard back in the past. 1. Solar Suite - Slingshot 06:24 2. Solar Suite - Virtual Flight...
  11. Progrez

    OUT Maruwa - Steel City Dance Discs Volume 24

    1. Dvizhenie 05:18 2. Body Journey 06:33 3. Mindstab 06:12 4. Neo-Plant 06:12 5. Can't Stop 06:32 Some oldshool 90's sounding trance and very trippy
  12. Progrez

    OUT John Plaza - Fuga Sine Fine EP (Incl. Dorian Gray & Matthias TORM Remixes) [DORIAN010]

    Love Dorian Gray remix ���� 1. John Plaza - Aqua 08:20 2. John Plaza - Aqua (Matthias TORM Remix) 08:08 3. John Plaza - Fuga Sine Fine 06:49 4. John Plaza - Fuga Sine Fine (Dorian Gray Remix) 05:52 buy track 5. John Plaza - Vultur Gryphus 07:04
  13. Progrez

    Estiva vs. Marninx - Casa Grande/Ron Verboom - Mindwrap [2008]

    Casa Grande is Grande! such a nice tune by Estiva. Apparently this was part of EP
  14. Progrez

    Tracks with Asian sounds

    Post away.. Love the oriental sounds to it.
  15. Progrez

    DJ Fire - Diabolic/Jetlag [2002]

    Amazing trippy and deep stuff from Laurent and Jurgen
  16. Progrez

    OUT Svarog - The Dark Night Of The Soul Album

    1. Svarog - Fear 05:20 2. Svarog - Madness 05:35 3. Svarog - Dukha 05:50 4. Svarog - Dark Night Of The Soul 06:05 released October 25, 2021 Reminds me of Ness - Hive Structure with a buildup structure. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and dark stuff and hypnotic.
  17. Progrez

    Tracks with cool sounds effects

    Sorry I don't know the name of the effect but this one is cool it goes from one ear to the other. You need a good sound system and or headset to hear the full effects