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  1. LostLegend

    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    Here's a set I put together for an online radio station I occasionally play sets for. It's like a concept set that's supposed to sound like the soundtrack to...well... a journey through space 😁 There's a mix of trancy chillout, ambient, experimental and film score in there with a faint dash of...
  2. LostLegend

    Electrique Boutique ft. Taz - Heal [2003]

    One of those tunes I'd completely forgotten about, but as soon as I heard the drums on the intro it all came back! Great track!
  3. LostLegend

    Tony Walker - Field of Joy (2000)

    I could probably work out the chords and melody easily enough for you if you want? 😜
  4. LostLegend

    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    I used to love those old MDB chillout sets that were doing the rounds on YouTube and Mixcloud a few years back. The Solarstone edition got some heavy replays from me as exploration music during my 'Elite: Dangerous' playing days 😄 1. Scott Bond And Solarstone - 3rd Earth (MDB's Edited...
  5. LostLegend

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Somehow managed to miss this 6 hour, 7 disc album from Underworld in 2020. Been working my way through it at work today. Some real gems in there like this one! 🙌
  6. LostLegend

    DJ Recharge - In The Night

    People posting all the atmospheric dance music today! 😁 Definitely has that 'end of set/sunrise' prog house feel. Musically I think it's one of the best things I've heard from you. The percussion definitely needs work though. The hats/ clap combo sounds a little too simplistic and the kick...
  7. LostLegend

    Starship Universe - Stellar Evolution (First Mix)

    Really like how atmospheric this sounds, those choir-like pads are gorgeous. I perhaps would have gone for something different than the offbeat bass here. The track is crying out for bassline there with a bit more grove to it, that could really set the track off I think. There's a fair bit of...
  8. LostLegend

    Love Nation Tracks

    First of all welcome back bro - good to see you've got your creativity back! Overall this sounds great. Love the groove and the vibe. The vocal sample works well and the little arp sequence that comes in sets everything off. The kick does sound a bit too overpowering though as some of the...
  9. LostLegend

    Julian Del Agranda - A New World [classic trance]

    Congrats on the #1 spot Such a great track!
  10. LostLegend

    Post your OLD music!

    Found it! 😄 👍
  11. LostLegend

    The TranceFix Best of 2021 - RESULTS!

    Some great tunes this year - well deserved for those included! Also genuinely honored to have a a few tunes included in the top user tracks. There's some real talent on here! Here's the links to the tracks: @Julian85 - A New World LostLegend - Hardwired (Original or 21st Century Mix)...
  12. LostLegend

    Post your OLD music!

    Which one is that? I’m on the trance producers network one, but that just seems to be mostly people advertising their own shitty template/preset packs and upcoming live sets 😕
  13. LostLegend

    Post your OLD music!

    I've been trying to relocate the full track of this for ages, it's probably one of my favorites of my own remixes. So far, I've only been able to find it one someone else's set from 2010 (hence the set rip.) It's from the Coll & Tolland Crystal Clouds 7th Birthday 2010 mix. Now I believe...
  14. LostLegend

    Post your OLD music!

    I'm sure I've heard this one in a porno somewhere... 🤔😄 That's great. I got started with Music 2000 myself (Well the original 'Music') for the original Playstation back in the 90's They were just glorified midi sequencers really with a load of one shot samples, but it was amazing for the time...
  15. LostLegend

    Post your OLD music!

    Yeah I believe you sent that over to me last year 😁 I made 2 of them. A vocal mix and a dub mix, but sadly it seems her legal team are not cool with remixes and they tend to get taken down whenever I put them up on Youtube or at least the audio gets blocked :(
  16. LostLegend

    Post your OLD music!

    As some of you may (or may not) know. I took a massive hiatus from making music before jumping back in early 2020. I'd lost most of my music from the early-mid 2000's and have been hunting down bit's and pieces of my back catalogue for a few years. So I thought it would be fun if we had a...
  17. LostLegend

    LostLegend - Pistolero [Prog Trance]

    Holy necro thread! :LOL: Never thought to do anything more harder edged to this tbh. Possibly something I might look into in the future! Cheers. This is an old track though, it's been sitting around on the internet for over a year now hehe
  18. LostLegend


    Welcome aboard! 👋
  19. LostLegend

    Picture of TranceFixers

    This is the Internet dontcha know? Where Men are Men, Women are also Men and Young Boys are FBI agents :LOL:
  20. LostLegend

    New Age Thread

    Some of Delerium's original stuff certainly falls into the New Age category. They seem to flit the line between New Age and a more up tempo New Age Pop sound: And of course...: