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    Solarstone - Shards (LostLegend Bootleg)

    Please see this post:
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    Post your OLD music!

    As some of you may (or may not) know. I took a massive hiatus from making music before jumping back in early 2020. I'd lost most of my music from the early-mid 2000's and have been hunting down bit's and pieces of my back catalogue for a few years. So I thought it would be fun if we had a...
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    LostLegend - Shadow Moses

    "What's going on? Snake...? SNAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEE!!!!!" This is a track I made about 6-8 months ago for my artist mix and it's been sitting around my computer ever since. I recently shared it with a few other Trancefixers over on the Whatsapp group and made a few alterations based on their...
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    Magdelayna - Kaleidoscope Of Memories (LostLegend Remix)

    For this one I wanted to keep the big cinematic feel of the original and how it gradually builds and flows yet up the energy a bit. Be sure to check out the original here: Magdelayna - Kaleidoscope Of Memories (Original Mix)
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    LostLegend - Sevastopol

    I made this specifically for a recent mix set. The opening hour or so contains a fair bit of melodic, progressive house. So I went for a similar style for this track with some overt trance influences. The vocal sample is from a Russian vocal sample pack, no idea what they are singing! So I...
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    LostLegend - Hardwired [90's style Trance] (21st Century Mix added 06/Dec/21!!)

    Hello all! I've noticed that going back to older tunes for inspiration has been popular recently, so I thought "When in Rome..." Coincidentally 'When in Rome' was the working title for this tune for most of the production process! I decided to go for that late 90's UK uplifting sound made...
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    Art of Trance - Swarm [2009]

    Has Platipus written all over it this one! Prefer the original to the Telefon Tel Aviv version my self, both great in their own right! What about that bassline though? :sneaky:
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    Yahel - Open Your Mind (Magikal Remake) [2000]

    Oh, the breakdown on this tune... 🤩
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    Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Thing Called Love (LostLegend Chilled Out Bootleg)

    Well I've thrown the phrase 'chilled out' in there like it doesn't rock into a big tribal drums section at the end... it's chilled out by my standards OK? :LOL: I wanted to work on something a little different and had the acapella sitting around in my samples folder for ages. Figured as...
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    LostLegend - Parallax

    I've been a bit quiet on here lately, putting together my Artist Mix took a fair bit out of me. It was also my birthday last week ( 🥳 ) and I had a short trip away with some friends to relax. Anyway, I've been back at it working on some tunes and have a fair bit in the works at the moment. So...
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    LostLegend - LostLegend (Artist Mix)

    This is a set of my own productions from various eras of time and space 👽 13 Original tunes, 13 Remixes & 1 Mashup. Some stuff I've played out before on some of the sets on my Mixcloud & some that're getting their first airing. A few tracks from my old production alias when I was in my 20's...
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    Craig Connelly feat. Megan McDuffee - Keep Me Believing (LostLegend Remix)

    Something that I put together for the 'Keep Me Believing' remix competition a few months back. However, I only found out about the comp about 3 days before the deadline and never managed to finish this on time. 😐 I finally got around to finishing this off a few weeks back for a mix set and...
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    Depeche Mode - In Chains (LostLegend Remix)

    So I made this remix of 'Enjoy the Silence' a year or so back and uploaded it to youtube about 6 months ago. Enjoy the Silence (LostLegend Remix) For some crazy reason it's been doing mad numbers recently (It's gone from about 5k views to somewhere close to 20k in around a month) and gained me a...
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    LostLegend - Midnight Blue

    Going down that dark, atmospheric progressive trip for this track. Wanted to make something that had a bit of a cinematic vibe to it layered over a pulsating beat/bass combo. Noticed it's been a little bit quiet in here over the past few weeks or so. So if anyone fancies having a go at remixing...
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    Droppenkiken - Dawn Effection (LostLegend Remix)

    Some deep progressive for you this time with hypnotic trancy synths and housey percussion. Bit of a story behind this one. 'Droppenkiken' is an old production alias of one of the DJ's (now known as Sebster) that also plays sets out on radio (Some really talented folks over...
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    LostLegend - Our New Horizon

    A deep and uplifting breakbeat number. The title is about looking to the future and trying to be optimistic about how the world has changed over the past year. This is one of those tracks where the idea just popped into my head from nowhere one day at work and I started work on it as soon as I...
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    Enigma - Sadness (LostLegend Progressive Mix)

    My deep & progressive, modern reimagining of Enigma's massive classic 'Sadness' I managed to dig out the E-mu Emulator ii Shakuhachi flute sample that was used on the original. I was unsure whether to keep it in or not as it sounds a bit dated by todays standards, but it's an essential part of...
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    LostLegend @ Glastonauts Live Radio

    I thought I'd make a thread for some of the mix sets I've done over on over the past year or so and maybe the future ones as well. Here's one that was played out on new years day. It's a combination of new tunes and some of my favorite tunes from the sets I've played out on...
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    LostLegend - Pistolero (Acid For Breakfast Mix) [Acid Techno]

    I posted the original version of this Here: a few weeks back and got some good feedback on here. (Thank you, all!) It also got quite a bit of support from some of my DJ friends who played it out on their online sets over the festive period. One major criticism people had though, was that maybe...
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    LostLegend - Pistolero [Prog Trance]

    The high energy 138 trance scene has always been my go-to genre, but over lockdown, I've gotten quite friendly with a load of DJ's that play out on a radio station I occasionally do mixes for. Most of these guys favour the deeper/more progressive end of the electronic music spectrum. So I've...