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  1. Magnevi

    19 Years In The Life Of A Bedroom Producer.

    Hello all, This thread will be my personal progress thread. I will post news, gossip and maybe more. I think I was 15 when I first started playing around with music. It was with software called "Dance Ejay". I was 15 in 2003. So yes, it was indeed 19 years ago. The origins of the name Voci My...
  2. Magnevi

    Re:Locate & Simon Anthony - Requiem

    Who would have thought I'd post an Amsterdam Trance Records track? The kicks are a tad "modern" and loud. But if you look past that, there's a real classic Paul Moelands aka Re:locate feel hidden inside this. Great break, followed by a typical Re:Locate main part.
  3. Magnevi

    Dominant Space & Evan Henzi - We All Need Love [GO! Music]

    If you simply always hate the 138-steroids, you might as well skip this one. --- Alright. Still here? I really have a crush on this guy and his vocals. They really make the track. It's the singer from the (mainstream) hit Ashley Wallbridge "Still Alive". Simply love the sound of his voice. As...
  4. Magnevi

    Cool remixes of 70's 80's 90's classics

    Hi guys, This topic is a little sidestep from trance. Although trance remixes are deffo allowed if you know cool ones. In this topic I'm looking for cool remixes of old pop hits/classics. Preferred genre: just regular house-dance. Or EDM/future house. Anything mainstream-ish. Some examples of...
  5. Magnevi


    For actual spots talk. Soccer, tennis, formula 1. Olympics… What sports do you follow?
  6. Magnevi

    OUT Kryder - Piece Of Art [Armada]

    A wonderful little summery 124 bpm pop-trance tune by Kryder. Sometimes Armada does release enjoyable music. Really like the vocal, the synth sound and the main melody itelf. Just put up the volume and let it take you away? Also, the video is a nice "piece of art" too.
  7. Magnevi

    Aerium & Magnevi - COBRA [Legacy Of Trance]

    People, The day is almost here. The highly anticipated (by me) collab between Aerium and myself is finally going to be released, on August the 27th. I'm really proud of this one. It's not the musically deepest one perhaps, but we made a great anthemic festival stormer. The release will see not...
  8. Magnevi

    Recent spam message (Reporting not needed)

    Hello everyone, Just to let you guys and girls know, we are aware of the 'sexual' private message some of you received recently. The account (probably a bot) has been banned. So that's been resolved. Reporting the message is therefor not needed anymore. You can simply delete it. We are sorry...
  9. Magnevi

    OUT Aerium pres. Avalon 62 - Yura (Incl. Magnevi Remix) [Legacy Of Trance]

    Today the brandnew Aerium (@jetflag) single is released on Legacy Of Trance Recordings. You might know him mostly for his ambient and tasteful downtempo trance music, but he also creates some great uplifting under his Avalon 62 moniker. And here is his new one! On the digital b-side you'll...
  10. Magnevi

    OUT Sam Laxton - Rocha [Pure Trance NEON]

    I stumbled upon this nice melodic trancer today. Uplifting without steroids, just the way we like it. The track features some great oldschool-y plucks in the build-up, with various dreamy sounds layered over it. The climax is fine too with a nicely flowing melody. Good stuff from Sam Laxton!
  11. Magnevi

    Alesso & Armin - Leave A Little Love [Armind]

    So last week I saw the ASOT tracklist, and saw "Alesso & Armin van Buuren" having a track. So I feared another crappy "collab". But I was wrong. This tune is actually very nice to listen to. The vocals aren't very prominent, just flowing in the track nicely. A good melody around it. Quite...
  12. Magnevi

    Ernesto vs Bastian - Every Inch A King [2010]

    An underrated track by Ernesto vs Bastian. I don't think it had much success. But I find the track really great. A lovely melody, and great production.
  13. Magnevi

    Simon Patterson - Brush Strokes

    In the "steroid" genre, there are exceptions that are really good. Simon Patterson knows how to crack this genre. This particular track is one of my favorites of his.
  14. Magnevi

    Poll: The best ASOT Anthem?

    So, I thought it would be fun to make a little poll, in honor of the ASOT 1000 milestone. Which anthem was the best they had? You can vote for 1 track, or select multiple. You can vote for a maximum of 5 tracks. This way you can support multiple of your favorites that deserve a 'vote'. This...
  15. Magnevi

    Photon Project - Enlightenment / Illumination [2000]

    These tracks aren't the most well known classics perhaps, but they are simply mindblowing. They are both a sort of early preview of the sound that later in 2007/2008 would grow into a whole 'movement'. The orchestral-uplifting-'emotional'-plucky-blueman-soundlift-movement. This double single...
  16. Magnevi

    Productions vs sets

    It was worth trying a combined ‘producing’ section, as there wasnt a lot of activity in the dj-sets one. But I personally dont like it as much as I hoped. (Maybe partly because the forum is pretty busy. Which itself is a good thing of course.) Therefor I would suggest to split them afterall...
  17. Magnevi

    Magnevi - Legacy of Trance Podcast [048]

    The guys from recordlabel 'Legacy of Trance Recordings' love to look back at the old gems and classics. The name of their label probably made you expect nothing less. They asked me to provide one of their monthly podcasts. So here is the mix I made for them. Lots of wonderful classics. Some of...
  18. Magnevi

    Magnevi - Bermuda's Little Sound EP [Legacy of Trance Recordings]

    My debut release on Legacy Of Trance Recordings. The release contains: 1. Bermuda's Little Sound (Original Mix) 2. Bermuda's Little Sound (Intro Mix) 3. Devil In Disguise (Original Mix) - Beatport - Junodownload - Spotify Some of you may recognize the tracks from the old forum, where...
  19. Magnevi

    Rank 1 - Multiple new tracks ASOT 950 [High Contrast?]

    The boys from Rank 1 finally made some new own singles. They played these new tracks on ASOT 950. No release-date yet, if released at all. But it's on spotify now including the titles. So here we go: Rank 1 - Translantic Communication [0:00] Rank 1 - Predictive Memory [10:00] Rank 1 - 'No name'...
  20. Magnevi

    Airbase - Spin [2002]

    Seriously, how is it possible that these extremely nice tracks by Jezper have never been released? If this was released today, wouldn't it simply be tune of the year? Great melody coming in around 4:30. Before that, a sort of techy part, which is a bit unusual for Jezper, but I still really like...