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  1. Halon

    North Cape - Into the Blue (Original Mix)

    Here is my latest track. Minimal oldskool trance again. I hope you like it.
  2. Halon

    North Cape - Tranceatlantic (Original Mix)

    Made this last year, decided to share it here. Still make trance, although i mostly make 80s inspired music nowadsays (My signature if you are interested). Anyway, i do hope you'll like it though. Simple but danceable. There is even ocean waves and seagull...
  3. Halon

    Art Of Trance- Octopus (1995)
  4. Halon

    Cats, dogs, or other fantastic creatures

    Do you have or "own" a cat/dog or other fantastic creatures ? If so, what is it? A cat, a dog or maybe you have magic abilities and was successful in turning a common house fly into your ever-following-do-as-you-say-master "pet"? if so, this is the thread for you. I'll start. I own a cat, or...
  5. Halon

    Armin van Buuren's 'Man Cave'

    A really cool video about Armin's 'Man' Cave' and what he has got in there. :) Old video but still fun to watch.
  6. Halon


    This thread is for cat lovers. Do you own a cat ? Or the better question would be, does your cat own you? Of course it does! Meet Linus, my little furry baby ♥️ :love: 🐱🐈
  7. Halon

    Members we miss

    We all had out favorite members. Some were funny as shit, some were plain weird. Who do you remember the most and who do you miss? Mine: Badass - Funny as heck and full of spirit/energy/enthusiasm - generally a happy person. Dell-Ta-Plane - Great bloke with a great taste in music, and his own...
  8. Halon

    Recently discovered Trance tracks (old or new)

    This thread is for trance tracks you recently discovered. It can be old or new. I'll start: Indiana - Do You Hear Me (Art Of Trance Remix) (2002) What is yours?
  9. Halon

    Jam & Spoon - Oddyssey To Anyoona (1994)

    Released: 1994
  10. Halon

    ATB - Fall Asleep (Original Mix) (2000)

    Released: 2000
  11. Halon

    Energy 52 - Cafè Del Mar (Original Mix) (1993)

    Released: 1993
  12. Halon

    Ayla - Liebe (Trance Mix) (1998)

    Released: 1998
  13. Halon

    Kay Cee - Escape 2000 (Club Mix) (2000)

    Released: 2000
  14. Halon

    X-Trance - Friends 2000 (Fridge Mix) (2000)

    Released: 2000
  15. Halon

    Halon's: 'What is the last thing you ate/drank?' 2.0

    This famous and deliciously tasty thread is back. Straight out of the oven. what mouth-watery dish or drink did you have today? 🥴 i had coffee. :coffee:
  16. Halon


    How do you quote someone ?
  17. Halon


    I'm back. Sad that i had to re-register but i understand. :cool: Forum looks really good!