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    Your most loved and meaningful rock music tracks?

    Who else likes Killswitch Engage? This one which sees the unifying of both old and new leas vocalists just brings me so much joy. It shreds so hard. The bromance too is awesome.
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    OUT Definitions & Andre Maier - The Gate [Borderline]

    What a great job these two did with this one
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    The Nomads – The Holy Land Spirit (1997)

    Simple late 90's feel, but cool.
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    Moby - Go [1991]

    Holy smoke, this one is good!
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    In Search Of Sunrise - Which one's do you prefer?

    I really like 1 because thats the first one my brother had and he would play it and I would be amazed at what I was hearing. I listen to 2 more though today which got my first vote. The second vote goes to Vol 4 which introduced me seriously into the prog sounds before I started getting older...
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    Best Trance Tracks Ever done by British Producers?

    Too many to list. Your mix selection looks good, very anthem filled, should be fun to listen to . No Art of Trance though?
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    Interview: UTE Recordings (With Teo Bachs)

    All the big printing presses got shut down in the 00s and now its just small time, so the prices are stupid and often everything gets delayed. I wait an average for 3/4 months anytime I order vinyl at the moment
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    Nugen ‎– Braaj

    Proggy goodness. Lemon 8 and his Inner Sancturary sets are good.
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    Fire & Ice - Heart & Mind/San Antonio (Original Mix) (2001)

    Does not get much better than this
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    Chiller Twist - Stringz Ultd. (shelley mix) [2001]

    OMG Its been so long since I heard this. The memories are like floods. I cant believe I had forgotten.
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    Jon Vesta - Coaster (2000)

    Amazing melody and edge
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    Starecase - Hopeless [2001]

    Very good prog
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    Trance compilations 2000 - 2006

    No need to limit to just 2000-2004, so many good compilations in the second half of the 90's too that will satisfy you. For example the Platipus Records Compilations from 95 to 99. Volume 3 For the 00's you could also check out the Magik Series, numbers Five, Six and Seven. I actually like...
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    “Trance 4 life” - Why does Trance carry such meaning for its listeners? Why do music genres in general have such dramatic impact on our species?

    My morning watch today, an interview with the greatest music producer of all time, lord Rick Rubin. The opening question is about Nietzsche's quote: "Without music, life would be a mistake." Rubins response is: "It seems like music has the ability to bring us so much depth in our soul thats...
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    Bart Van Wissen - Distant Region/Space Tourist (Original Mix) [2003]

    Distant Religion is a track made from dreams themselves. Space Tourist so deep too. Very happy to have randomly clicked in this thread.
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    St. John vs. Locust - Mindcircles [2003]

    Astonishingly good tracks. Passive remix blew my mind.
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    Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Leama & Moor Remix) [2004]

    Would have posted myself. Old trance sounds so smooth.