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    LostLegend - Hardwired [90's style Trance] (21st Century Mix added 06/Dec/21!!)

    Damn, man... This is just great, really love it!
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    OUT John Askew - Escapism [VII]

    I love it! I love 99% of the stuff askew produces...
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    Remix competition?

    Let's wrap this up? I'm in, who else is? We could make a poll for the suggestions. :)
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    Remix competition?

    Yeah, count me in
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    OUT Denney - Kamikaze [Anjunadeep]

    Wow, this is so juicy... Has the old school vibe, not overly produced, mixed greatly. Hits in the right spot.
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    Simon Berry - Lark Descending [Platipus Recordings]

    Loving the remix, could fit a warmup set anytime
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    Peter Steele - Creation [PURE TRANCE]

    Wow, does it have a release date? Amazing
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    Are 138/140/Steroid/Generic Uplfiting styles the most popular sub-genre of Trance in the scene right now?

    I've been scrolling through beatport and some lists/charts sounds like one big samey track. No diversity or creativity at all! I love faster and harder sounds but it's become a hard task to find really good tracks... Most of them are just average.
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    EverLight - Light Speed (Album) [TBC]

    Loved all samples, can't wait for it
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    Three Drives - Sunset On Ibiza (Brno Bootleg)

    hahaha, it`s intentional :p
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    Three Drives - Sunset On Ibiza (Brno Bootleg)

    Hello everyone, it's me again... This time I'm bringing you an old progressive (125bpm) remake I made of this timeless classic Any feedback would be highly appreciated. ;)
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    The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Bruno Progressive Bootleg

    Yeah man, I don't know what it sounded like this ... Maybe soundcloud compression, it doesn't sound too distorted in my wav file... Thanks for the kind words
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    The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Bruno Progressive Bootleg

    I'd like to thank every comment here, I made it to fit progressive sets, and all you heard was made in just one studio section. I've decided to work on it again, make better adjustment and I'll come back here to post a new version. Thank you all for the kind comments and feedback.
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    The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Bruno Progressive Bootleg

    Hello everyone, glad to be back. I recently made this bootleg to fit slower and more proggy sets, but any feedback would be highly appreciated att.
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    Serious / Sophisticated Psy-trance

    This definitely should be on the list